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HUD-2023 Farm Wear Ver 2.0.2

Farm wear version number

Ver 2.0.2

Renewal content

Fixed the case where the map is not displayed at night mode in Android Auto

please note

With this firmware update, you need to start over the smartphone wireless connection and HUD settings. For this reasonIf you are using the iPhone, such as if you are not related to this update, we recommend that you do not update this firmware.(There is no correction other than the above. Firmware updates can be performed on this page at a later date)

Advance preparation

1. First, prepare a USB memory within 32GB. It can also be used with SD card + USB adapter, etc. USB memoryFat32Please format in format.

2. If you have already connected your smartphone wirelessly, delete the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone and the "HUD-2023" of WiFi settings. (Because if you update the firmware, you need to start over the smartphone connection)

How to update

1. Download the following files on your computer.

2. The file is compressed in ZIP format. Please thaw.

3. Copy all unzipped files (13 files) directly below the USB memory route (do not create a folder). (See figure below)


4. Turn off the HUD. Insert the USB memory into the USB-A socket (beside the main unit) of HUD-2023.

5. Turn the engine and turn on the HUD.

6. The message "Upgrade System, PLEASE WAIT A Moment" is displayed, so please wait for about a minute. Please do not turn off the power during this time.

7. After that, the "Neotokyo" logo is displayed automatically, and the HUD menu screen below is finally displayed.At this point, remove the USB memory from the HUD body.

8. Press the OK button to set the cursor to the rightmost seting and enter the setting screen.

9. The setting screen is in English. Add the cursor to the top "language" to press OK, select "JAPANESE" and press OK. Then the whole switches to Japanese.

10. Match "FM frequency" to "77.0" (or any frequency).

11. Make sure that the "version" is "2.0.2".

12. Press and hold the [App] button on the remote control and return to the HUD menu screen. Then againSmartphone connectionFrom the beginning, make sure you can connect to Androidauto or CarPlay.

This completes the HUD firmware update.

How to switch to night mode on the map

1. Select the "Settings" icon and press the OK button on the Androidauto menu screen in the figure below (after starting Androidauto, press and hold the remote control button. It is not the HUD menu screen) and press the OK button.

2. There is an item called "Map -China/Night mode" in the settings. There is a day/night/automatic switching radio button among them, so please select "Night".

3. Then return to the Androidauto menu screen and redesit the map to switch to night display. (In that case, it may not be reflected correctly immediately after switching, so turn off the HUD once and connect it again to check the map display and settings).