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Rearview cameras are now mandatory! Mirror-type drive recorders make it easy to comply

On April 1, 2021, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) announced its policy to require automobile manufacturers to equip their vehicles with either a rearview camera or a sensor that allows the driver to check the situation behind the vehicle.

The decision to make rear-view cameras mandatory is aimed at reducing the number of accidents resulting in death or injury! Data Reveals the Reality of its Effectiveness

This is expected to apply only to new vehicles after May 2022, and vehicles sold before that date will not be obligated to be equipped with such cameras. However, according to the above article

"It is almost certain that rear-view cameras will become mandatory internationally, not just in Japan."
The article goes on to say, "A study of vehicles involved in rear-end collisions with and without rear-view cameras shows that the number of accidents is about 20% lower for vehicles equipped with rear-view cameras."

It is expected that the installation of rear-view cameras will become the norm in the future.


By the way, "TheMirror-camBy the way, even old cars can easily be equipped with a rear-view camera by installing a "rear-view camera".

Originally, the rear camera image is displayed on the mirror screen, but by merging the rear camera wiring with the reverse signal, it can be used as a rearview camera by automatically turning the angle of view downward when backing up.

(Even without this wiring, the angle of view can be changed up or down by sliding the finger.)

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