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Do mirrored drarecos need more than full HD resolution?

Some mirror-type drive recorders are now available that claim 4k resolution, but these are all higher resolution only for the front camera.

The reason why only the front camera is high-resolution is that the resolution of the mirror screen itself is not very high to begin with, so there is little point in using a high-resolution rear camera.
In addition, since the CPU used in mirror-type drive recorders is generally the same as that used in regular drive recorders, the emphasis is on the front camera, and the high resolution of the rear camera is inevitably put on the back burner.

Incidentally, the 11.88-inch mirror-type drive recorder (Mirror-camR) use the same LCD panel.
This resolution is 1480x320 pixels, while the Full HD standard is 1920x1080 pixels. So the LCD itself is not even close to Full HD resolution. ("Mirror-camProhas a higher resolution of 1600x400 pixels).

) If you increase the resolution of the camera only, the visual quality will not be improved at all. In fact, downsampling of the display will be necessary, which may result in a worse image quality.

However, since LCD panels and CPUs continue to improve in performance with each passing year, mirror-type drive recorders will eventually become higher resolution.

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