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High-brightness LCD makes mirror-type driverless recorders comfortable even during the daytime

Mirror Type Drive Recorder

A very important factor in selecting a mirror-type drive recorder is the brightness of the LCD screen.
In a car with direct sunlight, a dark LCD will not be able to see well.

For more information on the brightness of this LCD, seeMirror-camRcompared toMirror-camProis considerably improved compared to
The specific figures are as follows.

Brightness (candela)
Mirror-camPro (MRC-PRO1/G) 900cd/m2
Mirror Cam (MRC-2020/R) 800cd/m2


With this improvement, theMirror-camProcan be used in most cars without any problems, even in daylight, without the use of anti-reflective sheets.

Mikasu Channel, the reviewer of this video, also used the first Mirror Cam. However, he was using a genuine anti-reflective sheet because of the glare.

However, the MirrorCam Pro has been evaluated to have no problem at all without the anti-reflective sheet.

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