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Comparison of 9.66" and 11.88" mirror-type drive recorders

Mirror-camRuses an 11.88-inch LCD screen.

This 11.88" LCD is much more costly than the 9.66" used in lower-priced mirror-type drive recorders.

The reason why we chose to use it is obvious in the photo below.

In the case of a mirror-type drive recorder with an integrated front camera, the camera is attached on the right or left side, avoiding the original interior mirror.

The cheaper 9.66-inch product has a pop-up camera like this one. As you can see, it is very uncool.

If this is 11.88", it does not need to pop up.
You can see it clearly in the backside photo below.


In addition, the "Mirror-camProfeatures an independent front camera. This gives it a very sleek appearance.

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