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High-performance microSD card increases startup speed of the driver's recorder

Some mirrored drive recorders start up faster and some slower than others, even with similar mirrored drive recorders.

The "Mirror Cam" series, in particularMirror-camProThe "Mirror Cam" series, especially the "Pro" series, has received high marks for its extremely fast startup, despite being a 3-camera system.

The secret lies in the microSD card used.

Mirror-type drive recorders first read out the microSD card at startup. If it takes a long time to read the microSD card, the startup will be that much slower.

The product used in the Mirror Cam series is a "Metorage" brand product manufactured by Spark Semiconductor Technology.

Although Metorage is not well known in Japan, it is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance designed for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders. It has five times higher write endurance than "consumer grade" products available in general stores.

The read speed is originally quite fast, and the high durability and stability allow for very smooth readout during mirror cam startup.

In fact, before adopting Metorage, we used to attach SD cards of very common specifications, even though they were made by a well-known manufacturer. However, it often took a long time to start up, especially in hot summer. In some situations, it was as if the system had frozen.
By simply switching to Metorage, the startup was always smooth and fast.

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