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Why the Dora Recorder recordings are in separate files by the minute.

In general, drive recorder recordings, not just mirror cams, are generally recorded as separate files in 1-3 minute increments.

The main purpose of this is toMinimize damage in case of file corruptionfile corruption.

In the event of a major accident, the power supplied to the drarecorder could be cut off. In addition, the main unit of the DRA RECCORDER could be physically destroyed.

In such a case, the most vulnerable file to data corruption is the one that is being written right now. In other words, the most important files that capture the moment of the accident are the most vulnerable to corruption.

However, even if the file is damaged and cannot be opened, the file immediately before the accident will remain if it is saved as a separate file in increments of one minute. This is why the data recorded by a digital camera is divided into separate files by the minute.

Even if the power is suddenly cut off, MirrorCam will supply power from its built-in super capacitor, a power storage device, for a few seconds to safely end recording and then perform a shutdown operation.

In addition, even if the shutdown operation cannot be performed due to the physical destruction of the main unit and the file writing operation is abruptly terminated, the TS file format is used to ensure that the file is not corrupted.

The MirrorCam system minimizes the risk of accidental file corruption and loss of files in the event of an accident.
In addition, as an insurance policy, the system also allows the file immediately prior to the accident to be saved as a separate file in minute units.


Other reasons for the separate minute files include the following

  • Only the recorded data at the time of an accident or impact detection can be overwritten and protected.
  • Efficiently overwrites oldest to newest data when the SD card fills up.
  • Easy to find the desired file in the list view by setting the file name to the start time of the recording

The length of each file can be changed between 1 and 3 minutes in the settings, but for the above reasons, we recommend leaving the default setting of 1 minute unless there is a special reason.

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