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How to reduce screen glare

Mirror-type drive recorders are useless during the daytime because of the high level of glare!"

This is sometimes said by some people, but in most cases it can be remedied immediately.

Try tilting the mirror screen up or down.
In most cases, this will greatly reduce the amount of reflection.

A normal mirror reflects the rear view. However, if a mirrored drive recorder is installed at the same angle, the rear will be reflected on the screen, making it very difficult to see.

However, a mirror-type drive recorder actually uses a camera to capture images, so the rearward image will be the same no matter what the angle is.
Therefore, changing the angle to minimize the reflection will improve the image.

In the above, I wrote "tilted down or up," but which is better depends on the interior color of the car. Blackish colors are less likely to be reflected in the image, so try both the upper and lower angles.
You can also change the angle of the left and right sides of the car and turn it toward you, the driver, for a better view.

If you are still concerned about the reflection, apply an anti-reflective sheet.

Mirror-type drive recorder anti-reflection sheet

However, since it is an anti-reflective sheet, it cannot be used as a normal mirror once it is attached.
Try adjusting the angle as described above first, and then apply the sheet if you still find it difficult to see.

Also, by installing MirrorCam on the dashboard, the existing mirror can be left in place and MirrorCam can be used with the anti-reflective sheet attached.

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