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Follow-up: About the December shipment of HUD-2020

Regarding the "December shipment" of HUD-2020, 600 units are expected to be completed on December 6. After that, air transportation from the Chinese factory to our warehouse in Japan will be carried out, and if there is no problem, it is expected that it will be shipped to those who have reserved as "December shipment" around December 16th. The order number#2503 is eligible.(← 12/17 Update: Shipped to#2503)

"DecemberEnd"Shipment" is expected to arrive at our warehouse on December 25 and will be shipped after that. Order number#2504 or later.(← 12/17 Update: 12/18 scheduled to be shipped)

For international transportation, there is a possibility that a delay may occur due to trouble, etc., but please understand.
Thank you for your continued support.

The 100 units of September shipment and 400 units at the end of November were shipped safely on the deadline. At the moment, we have not reported major product troubles.

December 3, 2019

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