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Firmware update release for Mirrorcom MRC-2020

The latest version of the firmware for Mirror Sumam MRC-2020 has been released.
* Firmware update is not required.

Main update contents

  • Date and time, a function that can display/hide GPS displays
  • Added rear camera mirror image/positive statue switching
  • Fixed to maintain the direction that the direction is always N at the time of stopping
  • Fixed the point that the date and time could not be displayed correctly on a loose day
  • Additional settings: [Auto recording] When you turn on it, the recording starts automatically when the state that does not operate anything lasts for 30 seconds. [Urgent overwrite] When the microSD card is full, the emergency lock file is also overwritten from the old one.

After this firmware update, please use the latest GPS player released at the same time. (Maps will not be displayed in the old version)

Please update from the following.

MRC-2020 firmware update


March 9, 2020

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