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[Mirror Kam] Please format a regular microSD card

As described in the manual, please use a regular format about once every two weeks for the microSD card used in Mirror.
The format can be easily done with the setting "Format".

Regular formats are necessary not only for this product, but also for all SD cards using SD cards.
If you can search by keywords such as "Dora Reco SD Card Format", you will be able to confirm several related articles.

Dora Reco has always been writing in the car under a considerable high temperature in the car. It is a harsh environment that is no other as an electronic recording medium.
If you continue to use it in such a situation, you will eventually get a writing error.
A regular format is required to continue recording without writing errors.

* Some people are often misunderstood, but it is not a format to prevent the capacity from filling. All drive recorders are automatically overwritten, so formatting is not required for capacity.

Please understand.


March 21, 2020

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