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About the arrival status of Mirror Kam PRO November shipping reservation

(Updated November 10, 2021)

"Mirror Kam PRO MRC-PRO1G" November shipment reservations arrived earlier than expected at the previous announcement, and domestic customs clearance was completed on November 10. We will arrive at our warehouse on the 12th.

After that, we will ship in the order of reservation. By November 19, all reservations will be shipped.
At the time of shipping, we will inform you of the courier's tracking number by e -mail.


(November 3, 2021)

We will inform you about the current delivery status of "Mirror Kam Pro MRC-PRO1G", which accepts reservations for shipping in November.

Products are completed in October and are currently underwater transportation.
However, due to the new colona -related problem, loading on the ship at the departure port was delayed from the schedule, and the start of transportation was delayed.

As a result, it is likely that our domestic warehouse will arrive around November 20. The shipment to those who have made the reservation is expected to be in late November.

If you are looking forward to it, we are very sorry that the delivery date will be slow, but please understand.


If you request a reservation cancellation,Inquiry formIf you let us know with your order number, we will respond.

However, this time we are planning to arrive 1,000 units, but the production of Mirror Kam Pro MRC-PRO1G will end with this.

The reason is (as you may know) due to a global semiconductor deficiency. The manufacturing cost is soaring, and even if production continues, it cannot be sold at the current price.
In that sense, it is a bargain situation, so please make sure that you can judge it.



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