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Mirror Cam 2" won first place in the Mirrored Driver Recorder category at mybest!

We are pleased to announce that "Mirror Cam 2" has been ranked No.1 in the mirror-type DVR ranking by mybest and No.5 (No.1 among mirror-type DVRs) in the overall front/rear two-camera-type DVR ranking.
We are also the only mirrored type in the top 10 in the 2-camera front/rear category, where many products from large companies are also ranked.

No. 1: [2022] 14 most popular and recommended room mirror type drive recorder


No. 5 (No. 1 in mirror type): [June 2022] 32 recommended and popular 2-camera front/rear type drive recorders

Please note that this ranking is not an advertising project, and we do not sponsor or provide any products.
In fact, we were asked to provide products, but for various reasons we did not respond to the request. We also have a conventional product in the ranking, but unfortunately it is ranked lower. We hope you will understand that this is a fair ranking.

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