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Pro Power Cable V3 Dispatch delay Notice

* This matter is sent by e -mail to everyone who reserved.

The reservation was made at the end of August "Pro Power Cable V3 GPS Built -in Mirror Kam 2/SE/Pro], But the shipment was expected to be delayed. Sorry.

Although this product was developing newly, it became difficult to procure parts that were initially planned due to global semiconductor deficiency.
For this reason, the design and manufacture will be performed by changing to another part, and as a result, it will be delivered.Around the end of OctoberIt is expected to be.

We apologize for any inconvenience to those who have made a reservation.
We will also accept cancellations for reservations, so in that caseInquiry formPlease contact us.

Also, without using time lapse recording,If you only get a power supply from a fuse box, etc., you can use a commercially available adapter For more informationThis pagePlease refer to.

We will announce the future manufacturing and transport status as needed on this page.

Thank you.


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