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Neotokyo Inc.

HQ: 26-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Warehouse: 4-2-16 Niisan, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
* Since we do not sell or customer service in the above, please do not visit us without prior notice. The return window is different, so please refrain from returning the product without prior confirmation.

CEO: Yoshihiro Sugaya


October 2006 Established in Tokyo and started EC support business

2008 Started online store business for overseas customers

2017: Started manufacturing and sales of mobility-related products under the "NeoTokyo" brand.

2020 End online store business for overseas due to the impact of the new Corona disaster, and consolidate business to "Neo-Tokyo" products

2021 Change the company name to Neo-Tokyo Corporation (formerly Moji Corporation)

In 2017, we began manufacturing and selling the "NeoTokyo" series of mobility-related products. The series has been very well received through crowdfunding, providing drivers with even more enjoyment in driving.

NeoTokyo* is a brand of mobility-related products based on the theme of "Tokyo in the 2020s as seen from the 1980s. We deliver innovative functions with a cyberpunk-like near-future worldview. We develop products with the aim of providing a worldview that makes driving a car fun, rather than simply providing functions.

NeoTokyo" is derived from "Neo Tokyo" in 2019, the setting of the cyberpunk sci-fi comic "AKIRA," which dominated the 1980s. Neo Tokyo" was created based on the mechanical worldview of Asian chaos, which is a mixture of cyberpunk SF images such as "Blade Runner" set in Los Angeles in 2019 and "Ghost in the Shell" set in Japan in 2029.

We are familiar with the performance and quality necessary for in -vehicle products from our experience. In addition, we provide customer support by Japanese, and there is also a repair exchange service center in Japan. Please use it with confidence.

▼ Manufacturing factory (China Shenzhen City)

Sugaya, the president of the Company and Tony, the president of the manufacturing factory

▼ Logistics / repair exchange service center (Toda City, Saitama Prefecture)