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GPS bifurcated cable check method

1) First on the main unitthe most rightLook for a plug. that isBig for GPSIt is a plug.

2) Follow the cable from the plug and pull out the cable slowly. Most cables are stored in the ceiling, so you can easily pull them out.

3) The fork cable is about 30cm long. When pulled out, it looks like a photo above, and there is a real power plug (mini USB type) beyond that. Please remove the power plug.
(The other plug is a GPS plug (pin plug). Please do not mess with this)

4) Replace the pulled power plug with the original plug (rightmost) and connect it to the mirror kham itself. Make sure that the power is turned on.

If the power is turned on, you can still use the basic functions as a digital mirror and a drive recorder.
(GPS simply adds location information, speed information, etc., so there is no major problem in use without it).


The bifurcated cable for GPS is currently closed, and the regular buyers are integrated with the power cable and the fork for GPS.Pro power cable V2We offer $ 4,980 (those within the warranty period are free).
Only bank transfer will be supported, so if you request, add your order number.Inquiry formPlease contact us.

Or it can be installed more and easierCigar socket power cable with GPS joining linePlease consider using.