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Super easy! How to Install a Mirror-Cam in 30 Minutes

Installing a mirror-type drive recorder is very easy if you know how.

Even a completely inexperienced person should be able to do the "Rear Camera Installation + Cigar Socket Power Supply" described here by himself without any problems. It takes about 30 minutes once you get used to it.

However, if you want to install the rear camera outside the car, it can be quite difficult, depending on the type of car. It often takes several hours just to run the cable outside the car.
If you are inexperienced, we recommend that you first install the rear camera inside the car (inside the rear window).

Should the rear camera be inside or outside the car?

Also, some knowledge and props are required when supplying power from a fuse box instead of a cigar socket connection.
However, this is about the same level of knowledge and skills that even beginners can handle if they make proper preparations in advance. The level of knowledge and skills is comparable to junior high school science or technical home economics courses.

In this page, we will first explain the simplest work, "installation of a rear camera in the car + cigar socket power supply".

In the intermediate level, we will also explain how to connect to the fuse box power supply.


Beginner's class: Rear camera installation in the car + cigar socket power supply

The only tool needed is an inner lining remover.

Lining peeling

You can buy it at Amazon, Home Depot, etc. Some may be included with the product, so check inside the box before buying just to be sure. Mirror Cam 2/SE comes with the product.

Use this to embed the cable. You can do this to some extent with your bare hands, but it is more convenient to use a tool like this since there are some tight spots.

Perform installation

Now let's start the work.
Please refer to the installation part of the product manual as you go.

1. Installation of the main unit

Installing the main unit

First, install the main unit. As shown in the figure above, install the main unit over the existing indoor mirror. Secure the unit by attaching it to the existing mirror with the attached rubber band.

Rear camera cable wiring

Next, we will wire the rear camera cable. See the video below. (1 min 43 sec)

As shown above, use your fingertips and a peel-off tool to embed the rear camera cable into a gap in the car body.
For some car models, you may need to remove the lining firmly, but for the majority of cars, simply embedding the cable into the gap is sufficient for clean wiring.

The rubber gasket on the door can be easily removed by removing the lining and putting it back by hand.

Once wiring is completed to the rear of the vehicle, all that remains is to connect the cable to the rear camera body and attach it to the rear glass with double-sided tape.
As you can see, it is very easy to install a rear camera inside a car.

However, it may take more time and effort to install the camera in a hatchback car, for example, if you want to run the cable through a bellows hose for a more beautiful installation.

3. wiring the power cable

Next, let's look at the wiring of the cigar socket power cable. See the video below. (1 min 6 sec)

In many cars, there is a gap in the ceiling where the cable can be inserted and wired.
Continue to embed the cable in the rubber gasket of the door.

If you can bring it to the lower part of the dashboard, you can then simply place it under the floor sheet or embed it appropriately in the lower dashboard parts and wire it to the cigar socket location.

That's it.Rear Camera Installation + Cigar Socket Power Supplyis now complete!
It's so easy!

Intermediate level: Connection to fuse box power supply

If you want to get power from the fuse box instead of the cigar socket, you will need an Amon power socket or Pro power cable.

You will also need a power tester to ensure correct connection.

Aemon power socket

If you wish to obtain power from the fuse box rather than from the cigar socket, we recommend that you connect the Aemon power socket below to the cigar socket power cable. The fuse shape is also originally compatible with flat, mini flat, and low profile (15A) fuses, so there is no need to purchase a separate fuse for your car model.


Aemon Power Socket DC12V/24V60W or less Fuse Power Supply Type (1542)

Note: If you cut the cigar socket cable and connect it directly to the fuse box without using such an adapter, the mirror cam unit will be damaged in an instant because the voltage is different.

Pro Power Cable

If you wish to perform time-lapse surveillance recording while parked, you will need a Pro Power cable instead of the Aemon power socket. This one is connected to the constant power fuse.

Power tester

You do not need a very sophisticated tester.
We recommend the following products because they are inexpensive, simple, and easy to use. It glows when energized.


Aemon current detection tester (LED light type) DC6V~DC24V

Use this type of tester to verify whether or not the power is energized. If you do not use a tester to verify whether or not the power is supplied, it may not work as expected, or worse, it may short-circuit, damaging the other electrical equipment in the car as well as the driver's recorder. Please be careful.

Work Contents

Check the fuse list

First, check the fuse list of the car to be installed and find a fuse that can be used for the installation of the driverless camera.

The fuse list is attached to the cover of the fuse box in many car models. The fuse list may change depending on the model year of the car, so be sure to check the list with the actual car.

Fuse Table

The key points for selection are as follows.

  • Avoid ECUs (for on-board computers).
  • Select one that is not expected to directly interfere with driving in case of trouble (for seat heaters, car audio, interior lights, etc.)
  • For a driverless car, a low amperage (15A or less) is desirable.

Using the above as a reference, select several candidate fuses that could be used.

If you search the Internet using words such as "(car model name) fuse for drareco installation," you will find that many people have written blogs about their experiences.

2. Check the power supply status

Place a tester over the fuse hole (positive pole) and the body ground (negative pole) to verify the current flow status.

Note 1: In automobiles, the positive pole can be taken from the fuse box, but the negative pole is connected to the body ground. The grounding position is supposed to be a metal part of the car body, and although it is not specified, a metal bolt (unpainted) like the one shown in the photo below right is appropriate for most cars. First, try to find an appropriate location on the Internet as "(model name) body ground".

Note 2: Unlike the grounding of household appliances, the grounding of a car is the negative pole of the power supply itself. Therefore, the moment you connect the fuse (+) to the body ground (-), the car will be energized, so either connect the ground (-) first and then connect it to the fuse, or disconnect the battery from the main body before starting work. For more information on car grounding, please refer to this DIY Lab article.

3. check whether the power source is ACC or constant power

There are two types of power sources: ACC power source (power source linked to engine ON/OFF) and constant power source (current is always flowing regardless of engine ON/OFF). The Aemon power socket is connected to the ACC power source, while the Pro Power Cable is connected to both ACC and constant power sources.

Therefore, it is necessary to verify with a power tester whether the fuse you are trying to obtain power from is connected to ACC or constant power.
This can be determined by checking whether or not the power is energized with the engine turned off.

Please note:
Some car models have a delayed ACC fuse that turns on immediately after ACC is turned off, but cuts off after about 10 minutes (e.g., for interior lights). Such fuses are not suitable for the power source of the DVR, and should not be used. In addition, the constant power supply is not only determined immediately after the ACC is turned off, but also after the ACC is turned on for about 10 minutes.After ACC is turned offAlso, please verify if it is a constant power source not only immediately after turning off the ACC, but also after about 10 minutes have passed after the ACC is turned off.

4. fuse replacement

In addition, the shape and amperage of the fuse must match the original fuse, and if not, it must be replaced with an appropriate fuse.

In other words, if the original fuse you are plugging in is a 10A mini flat type, replace it with a 10A mini flat type fuse as well. We recommend Aemon's fuse power supply series, as they have a variety of fuses. You can buy them at Amazon, Autobacs, etc.

Mini flat type fuses usually fit into low-profile fuse sockets without modification. If the fuse box lid closes properly, there is no problem using the fuse box as it is.

To replace the fuse, cut off the end of the cable with the fuse attached and replace it with an appropriate fuse power cable using a connector terminal or similar.

The specific work is very easy to understand in this video from Mirumiru Land.

5. grounding and fuse connection

After the above is done, actually connect to ground and fuse. Be sure to do this with the engine off.

If possible, it is better to disconnect the battery from the main power source, but if this is difficult, be careful that the terminals to be connected do not touch other metal objects to avoid short circuits.

It is safer to connect the ground (-) first, then the fuse (+).


After the connections are made, start the engine, and if it operates as expected, the work is complete.
Good job!

(Written by Y)


*Note: We do not provide support for individual installation work. Please install by yourself at your own risk.