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Q. When is the shipment?
A. In-stock items will be shipped from Japan (Saitama prefecture) by DHL in 2 business days. We ship on Monday to Friday (exclude national holiday). Normally the parcel will arrive in a week, but not be guaranteed.

Q. How much is the shipping cost?
A. 1000 JPY (=around 7usd). It will be calculated in check-out process.

Q. What is the payment method?
A. You can pay with Visa/Master/AMEX credit card or AmazonPay. Cash on delivery, bank transfer, and convenience store payments are not supported.
* Credit card information is notified only to the payment system company and has not been notified to the Company.
* If you use AmazonPay, you can use the address and credit card information registered in Amazon, so you can save time input.
* Payment will be made when the order is completed.

Q. I haven't received an order confirmation email?
A. Please check the spam or promotion folder in your email box.

Q. Is there definitely stock?
A. The one that says "Pre-order" is a pre-order item, so there is no stock. Other than that, there is in-stock.

Q. Is the scheduled shipping date of the reserved item certain?
A. The scheduled shipping date is set with a margin, but the delivery may be delayed due to unexpected situations. For this reason, if you are in trouble if you do not reach as planned, please refrain from making a reservation.

Q. If you order reserved items and stocks at the same time, when will it be shipped?
A. The stock items will be shipped immediately, and the reserved items will be shipped on the scheduled shipping date. In other words, even if you place an order at the same time, it will be shipped separately from the stock. It is not possible to send it on the reservation shipping date due to the system. However, the shipping cost is free in any case.

Q. Can I cancel?
A. Stock items are basically not accepted because they move to shipping operations immediately after ordering. If you make a reservation, you can cancel.

Q. Can I specify the delivery date and time?
A. I do not accept it at the moment. If you are absent at the time of delivery, you will get an absence, so please contact the delivery shop and adjust the date and time.

Q. Can I install it in my car?
A. We do not respond to installation verification and availability in individual models. Please check the information on the sales page and make your own judgment. However, if you cannot install it, you can return it, so please refer to the next item.

Q. Is it possible to return it?
A. It is possible if it is unused within 7 days after the product arrives. However, please note that the return fee will be borne. In addition, if the product protection sheet is removed or there is a dirt or use trace, it cannot be returned as a new one (except for the initial failure). If you request a return, please contact us first. We cannot respond to returns without prior confirmation.
* In the case of an order for the set purchase discount, the difference will be refunded after the discount is canceled.

Q. Can I buy it offline? Is there a place where you can see the real product?
A. Not currently supporting.

Q. Do you make inquiries over the phone?
A. We basically do not respond to inquiries over the phone to promote remote work by government recommendations. If you can contact us from the inquiry form below this page, we will reply quickly by e -mail.

Q. Can I issue a receipt?
A. It can be used as a tax recognized receipt by printing an order confirmation email that is automatically transmitted at the time of ordering. If you need to change the address, etc., you can issue it by PDF, so please contact us from the inquiry form with your order number.

Q. Is it okay to use the address of the factory that requests the destination to install?
A. There is no problem, but we recommend that you put your name in the sending apartment so that you can tell who luggage from it. We often get inquiries from factories without knowing who luggage from.

Q. Do you do business sales (wholesale sales)?
A. In the case of purchases of 5 or more units in bulk, we provide bank transfer and discount under the following conditions. Please contact us if you request.

5 or more: Bank transfer is available
10 or more: 5 % discount on the list price
30 or more: 10 % discount on list prices
50 or more: 15 % discount on the list price
20 % discount of more than 100 units
* Shipping will be after all transfer confirmation.
* Accessories are not eligible.

There is no problem that the installation service of our products will be provided independently.

Q. What should I do if the product is initially defective or failed?
A. Please read the user's manual and troubleshooting first. Many of the inquiries we receive from users are common and often based on misunderstandings about how to use the product.

If you can't solve it by trouble shooting, please contact us from the inquiry form below this page. If it is judged to be initial failure, we will basically respond.
If it is within the warranty period, you will send the replacement product free of charge first, and after confirming the normal operation, you will return the defective product using the packing material when sent with the bundled return slip. It will be. Replacement can only be necessary for parts required for parts. Please be assured that this is a minimal procedure for returned goods. However, please note that we will exchange them to confirm that it is defective by e -mail before sending exchanges.

* Installation costs are not eligible for warranty. 

Q. The warranty deadline has passed, can you repair it?
A. The response varies depending on the content, so please contact us from the inquiry form according to the specific situation.

    Please check the common questions above and contact us from this form if the problem is not solved.

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