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How to find a mirror -type drive recorder installer

If you want to find a nearby company that installs a mirror -type drive recorder or head -up display, the following two sites are recommended.

"Car business trip maintenance SEIBII" and "Car maintenance specialty store search Gunet Pit".


Car business trip maintenance SEIBII

This site is a car maintenance and repair business trip service.
What a mechanic, up to your home or officeInstalled on a business trip visitHe / she works.


If you bring in a maintenance shop, you will need to wait for work hours or return to your home once by public transportation and go again. But if you can have a business trip, you can save a lot of time.
The price is also a clear accounting, and it is said that only a mechanic with a national qualification that SEIBII has selected firmly will work, which is also safe.

The corresponding area is not yet nationwide, but it is recommended if you are in the corresponding area. In addition, it seems that you may be able to come if you pay the business trip expenses separately outside the corresponding area, so please consult once.

In addition, purchased at NEOTOKYO STOREMirror kam business trip installationIf you ask,Discounted feeWill be! For more informationThis pagePlease confirm.


Car maintenance store search Gunet Pit

As shown in the figure above, you can search for appropriate installers from the region and work content.
The reviews of those who actually requested and work results via this site are also displayed, so you can request with confidence.


Car maintenance store search Gunet Pit

You can make inquiries by phone or e -mail, so if you find a good dealer, call it as soon as you can call and ask for a fee, fee, and schedule.

This covers all over Japan, so even if SEIBII is outside the area, you will not be able to find it at all.


In addition, a drive recorder installation service is also provided at major car supply stores. However, it is basically the main installation of products purchased at the store, and it seems that installation of other stores purchased is often refused or expensive.

In addition, regular dealers also provide installation services, but this is also the main installation of genuine manufacturers, and others may be refused. In addition, the work itself is often performed by a subcontractor factory, and the price tends to be expensive.

So the aforementionedSaverorGo -net pitIt is recommended to find a reasonable price installer near you.


I want to install it myself! If you think, please refer to the following page.

To install Dora Reco yourself