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HUD-2020 support information

The latest manual

About screen protection vinyl

The manual may have stated "Please peel off the screen protective vinyl before use", but the current lot protects it with a cloth instead of a vinyl for verification before shipment.

About pedestal

It seems that some of them are delivered in a part where the pedestal is off.
If the pedestal is inserted into the main unit, slide it and insert it firmly until it makes a click. At this time, it is not light, but it feels like putting it in.

AlsoThe pedestal can be adjusted up, down, left and rightis. It's a bit hard, but if you hold the pedestal in your hand and put it in a little power, you can tilt it up, down, left and right.
If you don't seem to work hard, slide the pedestal and remove it, and then loosen the screw inside.

No Android Auto installation is no longer required from Android 10

Android 10 is now equipped with Android Auto functions. For this reason, those who use Android10 do not need to install the Android Auto app.
If you are using Android9 below, you need to download and install the Android Auto app as before.


Q. Use the iPhone, but the OK button on the remote control does not work.
A. Select "Settings"> "Accessibility"> "Touch", select "AssistiveTouch" and turn it off.

Q. The smartphone is not recognized
A. Is the cable a genuine or regular authentication cable? Cheap cables can be charged but cannot be used for using this product. Also, check if your smartphone is a CarPlay/Android Auto compatible model.
If the iPhone is not detected in his carPlay, make sure that CarPlay has no functional restrictions. Select "Settings"> "Screen Time"> "Content and Privacy Restrictions", tap "Apps App" to see if CarPlay is enabled. Also, if Siri is turned off, CarPlay may not start, so be sure to turn on Siri.

Q. The effect of the remote control is bad
A. The receiver of the remote control waves is in the plug of the cigar socket cable. Once pulled out of the cigar socket and inserted again, the connection may be reset and improved. In addition, if the cigar socket is far from the remote control, it may be difficult to receive radio waves, so please use a commercially available extension cable to place it near the remote control. If the button battery in the remote control is old, please refer to the manual "Remote control battery replacement" column. In addition, the remote control usage distance is 1 to 3m. If you can not use it unless you have a distance of about 15cm from the beginning, there is a possibility of initial failure, so please contact the support window described at the end of the manual.

* If the device that emits radio waves is near the remote control, the radio wave interference may be reduced and the effect of the remote control may be worse. It seems that the remote control may be less effective if you use a smart watch such as Apple Watch for those that have received the status situation.

Q. The smartphone connection may be exposed. It may restart without permission
A. There is a possibility of disconnection of smartphone cable or poor contact in the plug. Take the smartphone cable by hand, change the position, or lightly touch the plug part to check the situation.

Q. The power is turned off and restarted when the idling stop
A. Depending on the vehicle, the voltage of the cigar socket part is lowered to 12V or less in the product rating of this product rating when the engine restarts from the idling stop. In some cases, the battery is simply deteriorated, so please check the battery status just in case. It may also be improved by removing the power supply from the fuse box instead of a cigar socket.

Q. The sensitivity of the microphone is not good
A. The microphone is in a small hole in front of the HUD. Please note that it is not a smartphone microphone or remote control. (Use a microphone/speaker on the smartphone side only when using Android hands -free telephone)

Q. The screen will not be reflected even if the power is turned on
A. First, please check directly to see if the liquid crystal display in front is lit. The video is displayed so far from the screen, so if there is no angle to look, it will not be displayed at all. Also, it is not visible at all. Be sure to place the liquid crystal display side in front and the transparent screen in the back. If the liquid crystal display is not lit at all visually, check the power switch and the cable. If you have any other cigar socket products, please make sure that the car cigar socket is energized without any problems (the cigar socket may not be turned on the fuse).

Q. I don't understand the operation of CarPlay or Android Auto
A. These are provided as one function of the iPhone or Android OS, and the functions and operations will change automatically as the OS update. In addition, the type of application provided and the operation screen are slightly different from the normal smartphone screen.
For this reason, we cannot support you, so please check the official information of CarPlay/Android Auto or the official application.

Q. There is noise in FM audio
A. If the frequency is the same or close to the FM station in your area, change the FM frequency to the appropriate setting menu. In addition, noise may come from the power cable and smartphone cable, so try to handle the cable. If you have a voice input terminal in the car stereo, we recommend connecting a cable.

Q. "Hey Siri" often does not respond
A. "Hey Siri" uses a microphone on the smartphone side. Use the remote control button to start Siri.

Q. It does not become light mode in Apple CarPlay
A. HUD display light mode is not appropriate, so it is always displayed dark mode.

Q. There is no Yahoo car navigation or Navitime in Android Auto
A. These apps have not yet been compatible with Android Auto as of May 2020. It can be used in Apple CarPlay. As for the reference information, Android Auto has a problem with maps, and navigation applications other than Google Map seem to be difficult to permission.

Q. There is a charging mark on the smartphone, but it is not charged
A. The power supply of this machine USB port is 0.5A, the USB basic standard, but the recent smartphone charger is about 1-1.5A. Due to this difference, it may take a long time to charge. In addition, when using HUD, the smartphone consumes power, and if the battery deteriorates due to a long -term use of a smartphone, the efficiency of charging and discharge will decrease. For this reason, the amount of charging amount

Reset method
If it is not improved or does not apply, insert a pin into the reset hole on the right side of the main unit and try restarting.


If it does not improve even after confirmation above,inquiryplease give me.