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Mirror Kam MRC-2020/2020R Support Information

User manual

Setting manual

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GPS player

please note:Before February 2020If you have purchased it, please use it after updating the firmware with the link above.

For Windows For Mac (not compatible with M1 processor)


Q. There are times when recording does not start automatically or recording stops halfway.
A. Format microSD card ("format"). note thatThe format is performed about once every two weeksPlease be so. Reference:Why a regular SD card format is needed in Draleco

Q. It is difficult to see because the outside light is reflected
A. Try the main unit slightly downward with the prevention lever of the indoor mirror of the base. Unlike the normal mirror, the angle does not change even if the angle is changed, and the front camera has a wide angle, so even if the upper and lower angles are changed slightly, the recording video can be shot without any problem (the display position can be adjusted with the upper and lower slides. is). If you are worried, dedicatedReflection prevention sheetplease use.

Q. The power is not turned on
A. First, check that the green lamp is lit on the cigar socket plug. If it is not lit, it is not energized. Please pull out the connection plug between the cigar socket part and the mirror kam several times to check the contact. In addition, the fuse of the cigar socket on the car side may be cut, so if you have another cigar socket connection product, please check if it is energized.

Q. "The rear camera is not connected." There is no rear camera video
A. There is a possibility that the contact part of the rear camera cable is poor or the voltage of the cigar socket power supply may be insufficient. Check the contact by pulling out the connection between the rear camera and the rear camera cable and the connection of the cigar socket cable several times.

Q. The rear camera is no longer displayed or restarted without permission. The power supply uses another USB
A. The cigar socket cable attached to this product has a 5V/2.5A output, but the normal USB standard is only about 0.5-1A. It does not work properly because of lack of power.Be sure to use the cigar socket cable attached to the product.

Q. "The capacity is full" is displayed
A. Turn on the setting "Urgent overwrite" and format the SD card. This message is displayed when the overwritten protection file due to the impact becomes full of protection areas, but when "emergency overwrite" is turned on, the overwritten protective file is automatically overwritten from old ones. However, before that, be sure to format once every two weeks to keep the SD card condition.

Q. The length of the rear camera cable is not enough
A. Optional15m cableplease use.

Q. The length of the red line for the parking guideline is not enough
A. Please extend it with an appropriate lead wire where 12V can be energized. We recommend the same core wire diameter of 0.5mm.

Q. The video is green -blue
A. Please remove the protective film of the camera lens and use it. In particular, the front camera part has only the film around the lens peeling off the film around the lens and does not notice the blue vinyl on the lens, so please check it carefully.

Q. The power may not be turned on even if the engine is started, or the power may be turned off immediately after startup. When the power is turned on by hand, the NEOTOKYO logo comes out and starts.
A. Parking monitoring recording may be automatically launched by opening and closing the door of the car. Parking monitoring recording is performed as a series of operations, from startup to recording to automatic shutdown, so if the engine turns on (= power ON) in the process, it will be such a situation. Try or lower parking monitoring in the setting menu.

Q. After a while, the screen will disappear. Press the button to light up
A. Is the setting "screen saver" turned on? If it is turned on, the screen display will automatically turn off after the set time. (Recording continues)

Q. The date and time cannot be set
A. If the GPS is received correctly, the correct date and time will be set automatically, so no settings are required. Please check the reception status of GPS with the setting "GPS information".

Q. When a retreat, the guideline display and the normal camera display are alternately displayed with Pakapaka.
A. Please check the connection of the rear camera cable red line again and make sure that the reverse signal is coming with the tester. In rare cases, depending on the situation of the vehicleVoltage or low current,orThe current flows only in intermittentIn this case, this phenomenon may occur, and in that case, it cannot be handled by the product side *, so please remove the rear camera cable red line.Confirmation of the product side can be performed by contacting the rear camera cable red line in other 12V plus pole such as fuse boxes and cigar sockets.
* This case is almost 100 % in the past, and it is due to the problem of the vehicle side, not the product failure. Please be sure to check the above.
* If you absolutely want to respond, there is a method of linking to the reverse signal with a relay switch from a stable part of the current such as a fuse box. Please consult a reliable installer for difficult treatment.

Q. The image of the rear camera is dark or blue. Or it suddenly darkens, brighter or bluish
A. The rear camera is installed in the car, and if the rear glass is darker or blue glass, it may be like that. The camera performs automatic correction of brightness and color to some extent, but this phenomenon occurs when it is not possible to correct it depending on the environment. Remove the rear camera once and check if the situation changes depending on the inside of the car or outside the car.
Also, if the distance between the rear camera and the glass is far away, the interior of the car will be more likely to occur. The rear camera should be installed as close to the rear glass as much as possible.

Q. Noise is now on TV/radio. Turn off the power of the mirror kam and it will return to the original
A. This product is taking noise measures, but it may happen depending on the situation. First, remove them from the main unit one by one in the following order, and identify what is affecting.

1. Rear camera cable
2. GPS cable

    Once the noise source can be identified, hold it by hand and change the position in various ways and try to find a place that does not affect.
    Also, if the above does not change, the power cable may be affected. In that case, try changing the wiring path of the power cable and changing the fuse to acquire the power supply (separate from the TV or radio fuse).

      Q. The screen does not automatically go down when the parking guideline is displayed
      A. When the parking guideline is displayed, set it to any position with the upper and lower slides. The settings are remembered.


      If you have any other trouble, try the following three points.

      ・ Initialize the settings with the “factory shipment setting value” in the settings, and operate with the initial value in the test.
      Reset (with the power of the "R" mark on the back of the main unit, pierce the hole with the mark of the "R" on the back of the main unit with a pin).
      MicroSD card format ("format")


        If it does not improve even after confirmation above,inquiryplease give me.