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MRC-2020/2020R Farm Wear update

Mirror Kam MRC-2020/2020R latest version of firmware "20200506_V0.1Can be downloaded.
You will need a PC (Windows/Mac) and a microSD card adapter.
* Firmware update is not required.

Latest firmwear download

Renewal procedure

  1. First, format the SD card in the "Format" configuration menu of the mirror kum itself. (Please do not format on your computer)
  2. Download firmware on your computerZIP thawingAnd the contents
    Copy to MicroSD card attached to the product. (Please copy it to the top layer without putting it in the folder. You do not need to erase the contents of the SD card)
  3. Set the microSD card with the power cable of the MRC-2020 pulled out. Then apply the power cable and turn on the mirror kum.
  4. Read and update processing of new firmware automatically begin. During the update, you will receive a message such as [Write Firmware].
    When all the update processing is over, the mirror kam will automatically shut down, so do not touch or turn off the power during that time. (About 30 seconds)
  5. After the mirror kam automatically shut down and the screen has disappeared, turn off the power cable and turn off the power. After 10 seconds, turn the power cable again and turn on the power.
  6. If you can enter the settings and confirm that the "version" is "20200506_v0.1", the update is completed.

(2020/8/19 updated)