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Mirror Kam Pro MRC-PRO1/PRO1G Support Information

User manual (June 9, 2021 version)

User manual (Division of the departure after November 15, 2021: Power cable improved version)

Setting manual 

Old firmware setting manual

Farmwear download

Is it a breakdown? If you think

Download GPS player software for personal computers

For Windows For Mac (not compatible with M1 processor)

please note:

  • Before September 2020For those who have been delivered to the product (MRC-PRO1 without GPS), use the "Farmwear Download" above to use the firmware to the latest version. * The connection of the GPS receiver to the Mirror Kam PRO can be performed without any problems with the old firmware.
  • 2020/10/12 Update: Only the Windows version, there is a problem that the time lapse video of the indoor camera cannot be played on this GPS player. (There is no problem with normal videos that are not other time lapse and front/rear camera time lapse images, and can be played without any problems with other .TS file playback software such as Windows media players in mirror kam).

About changing fuses of PRO power cable

  • The standard fuse is 15A mini -flat type. If the shape and number of amperts are different from the original fuse to be connected, you need to replace it with an appropriate fuse power cable.
  • To replace the fuse, cut the cable tip with the fuse and change it to an appropriate fuse power cable with a giboshi terminal. (If the fuse replacement is properly performed, it will be within the initial defect guarantee range even if the cable is turned off.
  • Please select the fuse at the connection destination for 20A or less. Select a driving that does not hinder the driving even if there is any trouble, such as for radio or heater. (ECU (in -vehicle computer) related fuse is dangerous, so please avoid it)
  • The mini -flat type is usually used in a low -back fuse socket. In particular, if the lid of the fuse box is closed properly, there is no problem if you use it as it is.
  • The fuse power cable to be replaced isAmon's fuse power supply seriesWe recommend. It can be purchased at Amazon or AUTOBACS.
  • "How to install Dora Reco yourself" "In the case of a fuse box power supply"Please refer to the article.
  • The PRO power cable has an overcurrent protection mechanism, so there is no need to attach another protective fuse to the PRO power cable side.


Q. The power is not turned on
A. Make sure that the LED of the power cable is lit white (if it is not lit, check with a power inspection tester that the connected fuse and ground are correctly energized). In addition, there is a power button next to the power cable operation console, so please press it several times just in case. Also check if the rear camera cable and the power cable are not mistaken.

If there is no problem with the above, remove the bifurcated cable for GPS and connect the power plug directly to the main unit.Click here for detailed proceduresPlease refer to.

Q. It is the latest version of firmware and may freeze during operation.
A. First, the microSD cardMirror Kam PRO bodyPlease format it. If you format a product other than Mirrorcom Pro, such as a personal computer, it may take time to read and it may be like a freeze. If you wait for a while and leave it freezed, pull out the power plug or restart the power plug or restart. If you frequently occur after the SD card format, please contact us from the inquiry form.
* We will also improve the firmware side.

Q. The GPS was connected, but the date and time are out of time. There are seconds and seconds
A. Please refer to the following settings and adjust the time zone to Japan time.

In the case of a new version of firmware: Match to "GMT+9:00" in "Time area setting"
In the old version of the firmware: Match to "+09: 00" in "Select time zone"

Q. The recording does not start automatically, the recording will be on the way, or the touch operation will not be accepted for a while
A. Format microSD card ("format"). In addition, please make the format about once every two weeks. Also, if you format a format with another device such as a personal computer, please be sure to format it with this product.
* Regular formats are necessary for all SD cards, not limited to this product. If you do not format a long period of time, data errors will begin to occur and you will not be able to record correctly.

Q. The time lapse recording will stop until 12 hours/24 hours
A. It is possible that the battery -powered battery rising mechanism worked due to the decrease in the voltage of the vehicle battery, and the power was turned off on the way.If the LED of the power cable is "completely turned off" before the engine is started, the power is turned off due to the decrease in the voltage. Usually, it blinks slowly.
Time lapse recording requires some power, and when parking, the battery voltage is usually lower than when driving, so if you use time lapse recording frequently even in new batteries, it will be lower than the protected voltage value. there is.
If you want to record 24 hours in that state, lower the protective voltage value to the bottom L: 11.8V in the power cable operation console. However, the fact that the protection mechanism is working means that the battery charging itself is decreasing, so it is recommended that you do not overdo it, and after using the time lapse, it is recommended that you use the engine and charge sufficiently. It is generally said that the battery life is about 2 to 3 years, and below 12.5V is a guide for battery replacement.

* If the time lapse recording stops in about 5 minutes regardless of the charging status, the power cable yellow line is not always the power supply, but may be an ACC power supply that cuts off several minutes after ACC off.

Q. Even if the engine is turned off, the power of the mirror kum Pro will not be turned off.
A. PRO Power Cable Red Line (ACC) Please be sure to check with the tester that the fuse at the connection destination will actually turn off immediately in conjunction with the ACC off. Even if it is described as ACC, some fuses will not turn off the power if you have just turned off the engine (for indoor lights).

Q. The power supply will be turned off while driving. The power cable is connected only to the yellow line to the ACC fuse
A. Due to the low battery voltage, the power supply may have been forcibly blocked by the battery rise protection mechanism of the power cable. Connect the red line to another ACC fuse, or join the red and yellow lines to the same fuse. In this way, even if the battery voltage is low, the power will not be forced to cut off.

Q. When connected the rear camera cable, repeat "restart the camera is restarted" and "restart the camera is restarted".
A. There is a possibility that the bifurcated cable for GPS is connected. The GPS cable needs to be joined with a "power cable" via a forked cable, but it will be like this if this is combined with the "rear camera cable".
First, remove the forked cable and make sure that the power cable and the rear camera cable are directly inserted into the main unit to operate normal. After that, try connecting a bifurcated cable to the "power port" side again.

Q. The video looks like green
A. Please remove the protective film of the camera lens and use it.

Q. The screen may be on without permission at the time of parking
A. Detects the impact of opening and closing the door when getting on and off, and "parking monitoring" may be launched. Make the "parking monitoring" of the setting "low" or off, or do not close the door too strongly when getting on and off. After the parking monitoring, it will automatically turn off after the recording of about 30 seconds.

Q. After a while, the painting will disappear. Press the bottom button to light up
A. Is the setting "Screen Saver" (new firmware) or "Painting Off" (old firmware) turned on? If it is turned on, the screen display will be automatically turned off after the set time. (Recording continues)

Q. When a retreat, the guideline display and the normal camera display are alternately displayed with Pakapaka.
A. Please check the connection of the rear camera cable red line again and make sure that the reverse signal is coming with the tester. In rare cases, depending on the situation of the vehicleVoltage or low current,orThe current flows only in intermittentIn this case, this phenomenon may occur, and in that case, it cannot be handled by the product side *, so please remove the rear camera cable red line.Confirmation of the product side can be performed by contacting the rear camera cable red line in other 12V plus pole such as fuse boxes and cigar sockets.
* This case is almost 100 % in the past, and it is due to the problem of the vehicle side, not the product failure. Please be sure to check the above.
* If you absolutely want to respond, there is a method of linking to the reverse signal with a relay switch from a stable part of the current such as a fuse box. Please consult a reliable installer for difficult treatment.

Q. The image of the rear camera is dark or blue. Or it suddenly darkens, brighter or bluish
A. The rear camera is installed in the car, and if the rear glass is darker or blue glass, it may be like that. The camera performs automatic correction of brightness and color to some extent, but this phenomenon occurs when it is not possible to correct it depending on the environment. Remove the rear camera once and check if the situation changes depending on the inside of the car or outside the car.
Also, if the distance between the rear camera and the glass is far away, the interior of the car will be more likely to occur. The rear camera should be installed as close to the rear glass as much as possible.

Q. Noise is now on TV/radio. Turn off the power of the mirror kam and it will return to the original
A. This product is taking noise measures, but it may happen depending on the situation. First, remove them from the main unit one by one in the following order, and identify what is affecting.

1. Rear camera cable
2. Front camera cable
3. GPS cable

    Once the noise source can be identified, hold it by hand and change the position in various ways and try to find a place that does not affect. Basically, the more you take a physical distance from the subject, the smaller the effect.
    In particular, if a terrestrial digital antenna is stuck on the front glass passenger seat, place the front camera, GPS, and power cable console all on the opposite driver's seat, and try to pass the cable through the driver's seat.

    Also, if the above does not change, it may be mixed in the noise via the power supply. In that case, please try changing the power to obtain the fuse (separate from the TV and radio fuse).

      Q. You can only check the image of the rear camera with the playback function of the main unit
      A. Tap the icon of the car at the bottom left of the playback screen. Switch to each camera video list in the front, middle, and later.

      Q. The image of the front camera is upside down.
      A. settingYou can switch by "Front camera mirror display: front camera mirror image / positive image switching".

      Q. The screen does not automatically go down when the parking guideline is displayed
      A. When the parking guideline is displayed, set it to any position with the upper and lower slides. The settings are remembered.

      Q. The brightness cannot be adjusted even if you slide left and right
      A. Tap the upper part of the screen to put out the brightness adjustment bar, and then slide left and right.

      Q. Parking monitoring (shock detection) does not respond
      A. This pagePlease confirm and update the firmware. The latest version of the firmware enhances parking monitoring and G sensor.

      Q. The mirror will drop by weight
      A. The foundation indoor mirror, which is the foundation, is generally supported by a round hinging thing, and if it is loose due to aging, it may fall without permission. In this case, it can be countermeasures by sandwiching something in the loose part, hardening with butyl rubber. Since this product is a digital mirror, unlike a normal mirror, there is no need to adjust the angle that is frequent.

      Q. At night, the light of the back of the rear car spreads white and spreads vertically.
      A. The rear glass or rear camera lens may be dirty. Please wipe it neatly with a moist and clean cloth.

      Q. I can't use an SD card
      A. Please do the "format" of the settings. If you use a new SD card, be sure to format it with the mirror kham itself.

      Q. The set up and down angle of view returns to the original every time you turn on the power.
      A. Please try the setting "Format". Since the settings of the upper and lower angle are recorded in the SD card, the settings will not be saved unless the SD card is included or is properly formatted.

      Q. The image of the rear camera slowly shakes
      A. If the base where the rear camera is installed is a soft material (resin, fabric, etc.), or if the bracket is incorrectly used and the rigidity is insufficient. The actual shaking has a higher speed, but when viewed in a video in a balance with the frame rate of the camera, it is reflected in such a slow shaking.Applicable part of the manualUse the bracket correctly and paste it directly on a hard base such as a rear glass.


      If you have any other trouble, try the following three points.

      ・ Initialize the settings in the settings "Initialization", and operate with the initial value in the test.
      Reset (with powered, bodyThe "R" mark at the top is written ⽳Please poke with a pin etc.)
      MicroSD card format ("format")


      If it does not improve even after confirmation above,inquiryplease give me.