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MRC-PRO1/PRO1G Farm Wear Selection

The latest firmware used differs depending on the production lot.

MRC-PRO1/PRO1GProduct sticker on the back of the main unitAfter confirming, please download the appropriate firmware.

* Note: If you install an inappropriate firmware, there will be problems such as white jumping in the image quality. Be sure to read the following well,Do not do unnecessary updates.

1. There is a serial number notation of white frame in the center of the sticker

Rear camera bar code number: 203-0307017

The latest version of the firmware for this lot is installed (version: n820_988_202104_v0.1).Please do not update.

2. There is no serial number notation of white frame in the center of the sticker

Rear camera bar code number: 203-0307010

* Either MRC-PRO1 or MRC-PRO1G is displayed.

Download the latest firmware from the link below and update the firmware according to the procedure below.

Farm wear N820_988_20210121_v0.1 Download

Overview of renewal work

All you have to do is copy jd_988WW.bin to the microSD card, put it in the mirror kum Pro and turn it on. It starts automatically and ends automatically.
The following is a detailed description so that there is no mistake, but basically this is the only work.

Renewal procedure

  1. First, format the SD card in the setting menu "Format" on the Mirror Kam PRO itself. (Please do not format on your computer)
  2. Download firmware on your computerZIP thawingAnd the contents
    Copy to MicroSD card attached to the product. (Please copy it to the top layer without putting it in the folder. You do not need to erase the contents of the SD card)
  3. The state where the microSD card remainsThen, start the car engine and start the mirror kum Pro. Until the installation is completedStable power supply while the engine is turned onlet me try. (If you do it without the engine, the battery may be cut off on the way and the installation may be incomplete).
  4. Until it is completely shuted off the power cable of the mirror kum Pro10 secondsWait as much as possible.
  5. Set a microSD card. Then apply the power cable to the mirror kam itself.
  6. Read and update processing of new firmware automatically begin. During the update, you will receive a message such as [Write Firmware].
    When all the update processing is over, the mirror kam will automatically shut down, so do not touch or turn off the power during that time. (About 30 seconds)
  7. After confirming that the mirror kam is automatically shut down and the screen has disappeared, shorten the button below the main unit to launch the mirror kam.
  8. In the settings, "version" is "version"N820_988_20210121_v0.1If you can confirm that it is, the update is completed.
  9. Finally, please format the SD card in the format "Format" of the mirror kum Pro itself.

(2021/7/8 update)