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MRC-PRO1 setting manual

It can be used without setting.
If the settings are wrong, return to the factory shipping by "Initialization".

Farmware version:20200721_v1.03

* To enter the setting menu, you need to stop recording.
* The setting menu can be scrolled with up and down slides.
* The contents differ slightly depending on the firmware version.

Camera selection:Select the camera to use. You can select "front and rear", "middle after", and "front middle". If you use all three cameras, select "Previous".

Recording resolution:Specifying resolution (however, in 3 camera mode, only the rear camera is FHD)

Recording cycle:The recorded file is divided by the specified length (this is the general specification of the drive recorder, so that only the file at the time of the accident can be overwritten).

Voice recording:Presentation of recording

Automatic recording:When you turn it on, the recording starts automatically when the state that does not operate anything lasts for 30 seconds.

Emergency overwriting: If you turn it on, the emergency lock file is also overwritten from the old one when the microSD card is full.

Time Lapse:Select the mode at the time of time lapse. If you set "1 frame/second", you will record one frame (screen) per second. Please note that "5 frames/seconds" will increase the data, so you will need a large amount of SD card memory.

Time Lapse Video Switch:OFF/12 hours/Select from 24 hours. In the case of 12 hours/24 hours, the time -lapse is constantly moving to monitoring mode when the engine is turned off. If you do not always use the time lapse, turn it off.

Operation sound:ON/OFF of operation sound

rearview mirror:Switching the rear camera mirror / positive image

Middle mirror:Switching indoor camera mirror / positive image

Date Time:Set the date and time

Clock display:Clock display on the screen ON/OFF

language:Switching the operation language

Screen automatic off:The screen is automatically turned off at the specified time. The recording is continuing because the screen is just off. Reverse the button under the main unit to re -tact.

G sensor sensitivity:The sensitivity setting of the impact detection sensor in the event of an accident.

Parking monitoring:When you turn it on, you will detect the impact at the time of parking (when the power is turned off) and perform an automatic recording of 30 seconds. Sensitivity setting: off/high/middle/low

Volume:Adjustment of playback volume

Display item:Settings to be displayed on the recorded video (It is an item that is not relevant for the real -time displayed video)

GPS status(Only when connected to GPS): GPS reception status

Select time zone(Only when connected to GPS): (Match with +09:00 in Japan time)

Speed ​​unit(Only when connected to GPS): Km/h and MPH switching

Excess alarm(Only when connected to GPS): Speed ​​exceeding warning settings

GPS time setting(Only when connecting to GPS): When turned off, it is set to manually without automatic correction at GPS time.

Time display format:12 -hour/24 -hour switching

Parking guidelines:Specify the presence or absence of the parking guideline line. If you do not wire the parking guidelines, this setting is invalid.

Later camera initial display:If you turn it on, the rear camera will be initially displayed. If you turn it off, the front camera will be initially displayed.

Initialization: Return the set value in this setting to the value at the time of shipment

format: Format the microSD card. Please make a format once every two weeks to ensure that the recording will be performed.Reference article

version: The firmware version is displayed