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"Mirror Kam" business trip installation service

I want a professional to attach "Mirror Kam" but I have no time to go! expensive! Good news for those who are worried.

"SEIBII" business trip installation service Then yourHome or officeIt will be installed on a business trip visit.

Also,Even if there is a product failure, Neotokyo is burdensome for the re -installation cost during the warranty period *.It is safe because there is no additional burden on the customer side. ( * The original installation is only when SEIBII does)

Furthermore, nowNeo Tokyo Discount couponYou can use the business trip installation service at a great price.

What is "SEIBII"?

SEIBII is a maintenance and repair service service for cars that visit your home or office directly.
MPs with national qualifications will support customers safely and securely.
* A service provided by SEIBII Co., Ltd.

* Be sure to be on the SEIBII website before useCheck the corresponding areaplease give me.


Mirror type drive recorder business trip installation service contents

We do not use wiring and use a cigar socket to turn on the power and bring it to a regular dealer or car supply store.

  • Includes all travel expenses, labor, and consumption tax
  • The rear camera supports only indoor installation
  • Consultation if you want to install outdoors
  • Back gear linked function installation
  • Do not use cigar socket
  • Hide the wiring and attach it neatly
  • With free inspection of cars by a mechanic
  • Work time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Drive recorder business trip mounting discount coupon

If you use the coupon in "SEIBII", the installation of "Mirror Kam" will be installed.1000 yen offYou can apply.

Coupon code:


Price when using coupon (including travel expenses, labor, consumption tax)

Domestic ordinary car:

Foreign car:

How to use coupon

Please order by "Apply by Web" or "Telephone".
After preparing the following [necessary items before request], use "Web" or "Telephone""I want to use Neotokyo coupon"It is smooth if you tell us.

[What you need before request]

  • Order number of Mirrorcom purchased at NEOTOKYO STORE
    (It is listed in the order confirmation email after ordering)
  • "Car type" of your car
  • Coupon code"NTSB2020


Apply on the web

Or call
(Business hours: 9:00 to 19:00)

* Business trip installation service is a service provided by SEIBII Co., Ltd. The above phone number cannot be asked about NEOTOKYO products.


  • The coupon is used only for those purchased at NEOTOKYO STORE stores (head office, Amazon store, Yahoo Shopping store, Rakuten Ichiba store). Purchased items from third parties such as Mercari and Yahoo auction are not eligible.
  • Once you know the order number you ordered at the NEOTOKYO STORE, you will be eligible for the drive recorder you purchased.
  • Please be sure to check if your area where you live is a business trip area. The confirmation of the business trip area is ""Here"from.