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HUD-2020 Head-Up Display CarPlay/Android Auto Compatible [Free Shipping / Ships next business day].

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This product has been discontinued. The next model is under development, but the sales date has not yet been determined.
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The ultimate heads-up display from NeoTokyo!
Simply connect your smartphone to the display and you can use Google Maps and other map apps, music, phone calls, and more.Voice and Remote Controland remote control.

The display screen is in the driver's field of vision.Overlay displayThis allows the driver to check various information without having to look away from the road. In addition, the display screen is overlaid on the driver's field of vision.Privacy Protection DesignThe display is designed to protect the privacy of passengers.
FM transmitter includedallows you to play your phone music from an FM car audio system even in older cars.

Installation isCigar socketto the cigar socket! It can be used in all types of cars.
Currently, only luxury cars are equipped with this system.Apple CarPlay / Android Autocan be retrofittedavailable

14.1 million yen in GREENFUNDING supportWe are very grateful for the following support.
We have also been introduced in various media such as engadget.

Aren't car navigation systems very difficult to use? Once you get used to using a smartphone, even setting the destination is cumbersome and confusing. Voice input is also inaccurate and sometimes gives you the wrong place.

With the HUD-2020, you can use the maps on your smartphone as your car navigation system!Apple Genuine MapsOf course, you can use not only Apple MapsGoogle Mapsbut alsoYahoo! Car Navigationand even third-party apps such as Car Navi Time*. Because it is a smartphone map, unlike a car navigation system, there is no need to pay to update the data. You can immediately use the latest information, such as new roads and stores that have just been built.

*There are differences in the apps available for iPhone and Android.

Route guidance is overlaid on your driving field of vision, so you can safely check your route while keeping your eyes on the road.
To set a destination, simply use Siri, Google Assistant, or other smartphone voice assistants to give instructions. They will listen to your instructions much more accurately than the voice input of a car navigation system.

I wanna listen to music on my phone while I'm driving!
Everyone thinks this, but it wasn't that easy. For example, the car is old and does not have an audio input terminal, or you can't operate your phone while you are driving, so you can't just pull up the song you are in the mood for or the scenery you are in. I can't play that song for this mood, this scenery, and that song!

With the HUD-2020, it's super easy. What a surprise!FM TransmitterSo you can easily listen to your smartphone music from your FM car audio system, even in older cars. Of course, it is possible to connect to the audio input terminal of the car audio system.wired connection to the audio input terminal of the car audio system is also possible.

To select a song, simply ask Siri or other voice assistants to "play 00. There is no need to go through the hassle of selecting an artist name from a huge list, choosing a song title, and so on. The name of the song currently playing can also be viewed on the HUD screen without having to look away from the road.

In addition, you can listen to music subscription services such as Apple Music and Spotify, so your music library is truly limitless. Music can be played to suit any situation, scenery, or mood.

What is an FM Transmitter?

It is a feature that sends music over FM radio waves, just like a small FM radio station. By receiving the FM radio signal from the car audio system, you can listen to the music on your smartphone as FM radio.

The transmitting FM frequency can be set as desired. The radio wave output is very weak and within the range allowed by law, so there is no danger of being heard by surrounding cars. (For more stable and high quality sound, a wired connection via audio output terminal is also available.)

Although we make fewer phone calls nowadays, it is still necessary from time to time.
(Often, especially when picking up a car, we need to call to confirm our location.

With the HUD-2020, that's easy.
Simply tell Siri or other voice assistants, "Call XXX," and you can make a call right away. There is no need to search for the number of the person you are calling from a list. Hands-free calling is a snap.

However, making a phone call while driving can distract the driver's attention even when hands-free. If you want to make a phone call, stop the car as much as possible.

Complex operations such as maps, music, and phone calls are very dangerous to perform by hand while driving. It is very dangerous and illegal to use your hands while driving.

The HUD-2020 allows you to perform these operations bySiri and other smartphone voice assistantsThe HUD-2020 can easily perform these operations simply by giving voice instructions to a smartphone voice assistant such as Siri. Unlike the voice recognition of existing car navigation systems, the HUD-2020 performs extremely advanced voice recognition and language analysis using cloud AI, so operations can be performed using natural language such as "Tell me about a nearby family restaurant. Furthermore, "What time is it?" What's the weather like in Yokohama? (where is the weather in Yokohama?), and other information that you want to know when you are driving.

In addition, for cases where it is difficult to give instructions by voice or the driver is not able to hear you well, the system can also provide the following information.Remote Controlis also equipped.Easily attached to the steering wheel with a bandThe remote control can be easily attached to the steering wheel with a band, so it can be operated without leaving the steering wheel. Of course, the voice assistant can be called at the touch of a button on the remote control.

The HUD-2020 is compatible with both iPhone and Android*.
Both smartphones are automatically recognized simply by connecting the cable to the HUD's USB port.

*CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto compatible smartphones are required for Android. The compatibility status is as follows. (as of November 2019)

CarPlay is compatible with the following iPhones.

  • iPhone 11 Pro/11 Pro Max/11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/SE/5s/5c/5

Android Auto is compatible with the following Android phones

  • Smartphones with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later

What is Apple CarPlay / Android Auto?

It is a standard set by Apple and Google, the respective OS manufacturers, to enable the proper use of smartphones while driving.

Unlike mere mirroring of the phone screen, theScreen layout and user interface are optimized for drivingandAll operations can be performed by remote control and voice without touching the screen.The remote control and voice control are all that is needed to operate the system without having to touch the screen.
In addition, video and game applications, etc., which are not suitable for driving, cannot be used.Concentrate on driving without distractionYou can concentrate on driving without distraction.

HUD-2020 complies with these standards to ensure proper use of smartphone functions while driving For more information on Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, please check the official information from the respective OS manufacturer.

Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Note: The features and apps offered are quite different between iPhone and Android. The features themselves may also change from time to time due to OS updates.

HUD-2020A newly designed large acrylic screen is used for the screen, which is projected from the TFT LCD like a projector and overlaid semi-transparently in the driver's field of vision.
The projection screen is slightly bent like a concave mirror. For this reason, the image ispositioned further away than the actual distanceand it is easier to read the information on the screen even when the eyes are focused on the road.

The screen is foldable and designed to be out of the way when not in use. The base can be oriented and angled so that it can be changed to a more comfortable viewing position after installation.
The main unit is equipped withLight level sensorto automatically control the brightness of the display according to the environment. The display is easy to read day or night, even in tunnels.

Privacy Protection Design

The screen of this HUD has a concave mirror structure as mentioned above, which has a narrow viewing angle andand difficult to see from outside the driver's seat.especially from the passenger's seat. In particular, it is difficult to see from the front passenger's seat.
For this reason, therisk of the passenger seeing the information in the very low.

With a normal display, both the map search history and the incoming caller could be seen by the passenger.the passenger. In addition, if a touch screen is used, there is a possibility that a passenger may even operate it unintentionally while driving.

However, this HUD can only be seen by the driver himself/herself, and can only be operated by the driver since it is a remote control from the steering wheel. The driver can use the HUD without worrying about passengers.

Display image of a normal display type

View of the HUD-2020 from a seat other than the driver's seat (Nothing appears to be displayed, but the driver can see the display)

Installation is very easy.
The power is supplied from a cigarette lighter socket, so no special installation work is required.
It can be used in any car, and installation only takes one minute.

Connect the supplied power cable to the cigar socket and the HUD itself.

Connect your smartphone cable to the USB port on the HUD-2020.

Once the cable is connected to your phone, installation is complete!
Note that the phone must be connected to the USB port of the HUD-2020.The phone will be charged at the same there is no need to worry about running out of battery.

Q. There are few flat areas on the dashboard.

A. Yes, it can be installed simply by attaching it with the adhesive sheet at the bottom. The base is made of soft silicon rubber, so it can be attached even on a somewhat curved surface. The adhesive sheet is not an adhesive but a new material called Nano-Suction (it does not melt with heat and does not become sticky), so it sticks even to rough surfaces such as leather.
The photo below shows the backside of the bottom, which has already been reapplied several times, but still retains its strong adsorption power.

The pedestal isRotate, tilt up and down, left and rightand can be tilted up, down, left, and right. The pedestal can also beDetachableThe pedestal can also be detached as shown in the figure below, so depending on the installation location, the main unit can be directly fixed with commercially available Velcro tape, etc., without using the pedestal.

Example of installation location

We recommend the position slightly to the side of the driver's seat as shown in (3) and (4) below, rather than in front of the driver's seat, because it is easier to install and less likely to get in the way when driving. (Once you get used to it, you will be able to operate the system with voice alone, and the screen will be sufficient for glancing at it.)

*For those who wish to have a cleaner cable routing, please also refer to the "Frequently Asked Questions" section at the end of this document.

Q. The dashboard of my car is narrow, so I am not sure if it can be installed.

A. When you receive the product, first install it under the pedestal.Without removing the adhesive sheetPlease check if the product can be installed by placing it temporarily without removing the adhesive sheet. If the product has not been used within 7 days of arrival (no adhesive sheet under the base, complete with accessories, no scratches, stains, or damage, etc.), it can be returned if it is in a condition to be sold as new. However, you are responsible for return shipping costs. If you wish to return the product, please contact our support department as indicated in the manual.

We asked popular Youtuber Mikasu for a review of the actual device!

As mentioned above, this is because the concave screen is designed to create an imaginary image that is farther away from the screen than it actually is.When installed on the dashboard and viewed from the driver's perspective, the display just fills the actual screen.The concave screen is designed to create an imaginary image that is farther away than it actually is.

This makes it easier to read the information on the screen while keeping the eyes focused on the road. In addition, the dashboard appears to fill the actual screen when viewed from the driver's seat.The display cannot be read from anywhere but the driver's seat.You can see that the information on the screen cannot be read from anywhere other than the driver's seat.

Kurumania K also gave us a review!

We have also received reviews on various social networking sites from users of our products, showing examples of installation on various types of vehicles. Please take a look.

Appearance of the main unit

3.5mm audio output
②Light level sensor
(3) Power port
Reset hole
⑤USB socket for smartphone
⑥Power switch
(7) Dashboard fixing base (fixed with replaceable adhesive mat)
(8) Screen (Acrylic transparent concave mirror)

Remote control

(1) Upper selection button (for Android)
(2) System menu display button
OK button
(4) Previous button
Voice assistant call button
⑥Lower selection button (for Android)
⑦Screen ON/OFF
⑧Next button
Buckle for belt fastening

Product Specifications

Body size: 150x90x43mm
Size of fixing base: 130x140x15mm
Screen size: 150x76x3mm
Cigar socket power cable length: 1.5m

Main unit operating voltage: 12V-24V
Cigar socket power cable output: 12V/1.5A
The power port on the main unit is not USB-C. Never use the power cable for any purpose other than the use of the power cable attached to this product or use the power cable for any other purpose.
USB port output for smartphone connection: 500ma
Operating temperature: 0-75 degrees Celsius
Screen: TFT projection type
Screen Resolution: 480x240
FM Transmitter Frequency: Can be set as desired
Remote control frequency: 433 MHz
FM audio: stereo
Warranty Period: 1 year from the date of shipment (remote control batteries are not covered by the warranty). The warranty does not cover scratches and scuffs on the main unit that do not cause any problems in use, or installation-related costs.
Manufactured and sold by: Moji Corporation (NEOTOKYO)

Some designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement. The video and product photos on this page are the version under development, so some of the designs may differ from the final product version. Please be aware of this.
This product uses radio waves for the remote control and FM transmitter, both of which are below the standards for weak radio stations set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (verified by a third-party organization), so no license or technical certification is required for use. (ReferenceMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Regulations for Weak Radio Stations

We started planning this product in 2015. We realized that there were not many in-vehicle HUD products on the market yet, especially HUD products with navigation capabilities, so we started research and prototyping. However, the road was not easy at all.

▼ Prototype mockup of the main unit (created with a 3D printer)

After an initial research period of about 2 years, we started prototype development. By the time the mass-produced version was completed, the shape of the main unit had been changed five times, the software had been updated 13 times, and the manufacturing raw materials had been tested dozens of times.
We took great care in selecting materials that would allow the product to be installed on the dashboard of a car, where it would be exposed to high temperatures and direct sunlight, which are extremely harsh conditions for precision instruments, while still maintaining the necessary texture so as not to disrupt the atmosphere of the car interior.

The most difficult part was the projection screen. The original projection screen was not trapezoidal like today's screens and was much larger in size. However, if the screen was too large, it would interfere with the windshield, making it difficult to install, and if it was too small, it would reduce the amount of information.
After testing on a variety of vehicles, we finally settled on the current shape and size. We also devised a coating method and transparency of the screen to prevent double reflection.

We also repeated several prototypes for the shape of the remote control and the installation method of the pedestal, and finally arrived at the current form. We took great pains to prevent interference from other radio waves, especially with the remote control.

(The remote control was originally a jog dial type as shown in the photo, but the current shape was adopted because it was prone to operation errors.)

A major software breakthrough was the adoption of the Apple CarPlay / Android Auto standard. HUDs that already existed in the market used proprietary software, which caused problems with compatibility with smartphones and bugs. In addition, the usual smartphone UI was not suitable for driving, as the text was too small and operations could only be performed by touching the screen.
However, with our productApple CarPlay / Android Auto standard, we have succeeded in solving all these problems at once. In addition, because it makes good use of the standard functions of the smartphone OS, the software stability is very high even though it is a completely new product.

This is how the HUD-2020 was completed.
As a retrofit HUD compatible with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, the HUD-2020 is a breakthrough product with practicality that has no similar products in Japan or anywhere else in the world at this time (as of September 2019).

Mr. Sugaya, our president, and Tony, president of the manufacturing plant

Q. Can I use it in my car?
A. Yes, you can use it in any car as long as it has a cigarette lighter socket.

Q. Can I use my smartphone?
A. You can use your smartphone as long as it is compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Please check the official information of each OS for the compatibility status of your smartphone with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. We do not respond to questions regarding the compatibility status of individual smartphones.

Apple CarPlay Android Auto

Q. Will I be able to see properly under sunny skies?
A. Yes, no problem at all. Please check the reviews of the aforementioned youtubers, which were filmed in sunny conditions. The naked eye can see the image more clearly than the video (as mentioned above, the image appears to be positioned further away from the real screen). (This is because, as mentioned above, the image appears to be farther away than the actual screen, making it very difficult to focus the camera properly.)

Q. I am worried about the summer heat.
A. Our products have been tested for heat resistance in accordance with international standards for automotive products. We and our manufacturing plant have been producing automotive products for several years and fully understand the heat resistance required for automotive products. Our manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China, which is further south than Okinawa and Ishigaki Island.
It is not necessary to place the phone on the dashboard as long as it is connected to the cable.

Q. Is there any problem if my phone's OS is upgraded?
A. Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is a standard, so this HUD can be used without problems even if the OS is upgraded. Also, the firmware of the HUD itself is designed so that it can be updated, so even if there is a compatibility problem in the future, it can be handled. (However, if Apple CarPlay/Android Auto undergoes major changes in the future, there is a possibility that it will no longer be compatible. (However, if Apple CarPlay / Android Auto undergoes a major change in the future, there is a possibility that it will no longer be compatible. In that case, not only this product, but also all devices on the market that are compatible with the same standard, including OEM systems, will be rendered unusable.)

Q. Do you recommend an iPhone or Android phone?
A. At this time (July 2019), CarPlay on the iPhone is considerably more sophisticated and easier to use than Android Auto. There are also some apps that only support CarPlay and not Android Auto, such as "Yahoo! If you have both, we recommend using iPhone at this time.

Q. The navigation system is always communicating, isn't it? Won't that cost me a lot of money in packet charges?
A. As it turns out, it consumes much less packets than most people imagine. Usually, a navigation application obtains location information (latitude and longitude) only, and does not download large data such as images. Also, the location information is very small, only a few bytes each. In particular, CarPlay/Android Auto apps are developed for use while driving, so they are designed in most cases to reduce the amount of communication. However, it depends on the type of app and how it is used, so if you are concerned, we recommend that you check the amount of communication in your phone while using it.

Q. Can I use Bluetooth to connect my phone?

A. Bluetooth connection has many problems such as delay, disconnection, and connection failure, and requires manual connection each time you use it. This makes it more of a hassle than it is worth. In fact, this is the biggest trouble factor for similar products that use Bluetooth. In addition, in Japan, technical certification is required, which increases the price. In any case, the phone may need to be charged, so at this point we are only using a cable connection.

Q. Can I use Bluetooth for audio output?
A. Currently, no. Bluetooth is prone to problems such as delay and initial sound loss, and is not suitable for use with navigation systems or voice assistants that require quick response.

Q. Can power be supplied from a source other than a cigarette lighter socket?
A. The cigar socket plug provided has a built-in receiver for the remote control. For this reason, other power cables cannot be used.
However, it is possible to obtain power from a fuse box, etc., by connecting the remote control receiver to the plug. In fact, some users have used such a connection. Be sure to confirm that the remote control radio wave can be received properly before proceeding. The remote control uses radio waves, which can penetrate plastic, but not metal.

Q. I would like to make the cables cleaner.
A. Although it requires some effort, we recommend the following method. However, this is not supported by us, so please take care of it by yourself.

  1. Obtain power from the fuse box using the method described in the previous section.
  2. Use a long USB phone cable with an L-shaped USB side, black in color (or a color that matches the dashboard), and pass it through the dashboard panel together with the power cable (be sure to confirm in advance that the phone cable is capable of data communication).

Q. Can I ask a contractor to do the installation?
A. "Yes.Find an installerpage.

Q. Does the power turn on/off automatically?
A. For domestic cars, the cigar socket power ON/OFF is interlocked with the engine, so the power is turned ON/OFF accordingly. However, in some imported cars, the cigar socket is always turned on, so in those cars, the power switch on the HUD itself must be used to turn the power on and off.

Q. Is there a longer power cable?
A. It is possible to extend the power cable by connecting a commercially available cigar socket extension cable or USB-C extension cable to the attached power cable.

Q. Is there a display function for vehicle speed, tachometer, etc.?
A. No, this product does not. However, our NeoTokyoOBD-X1GPS-W1and other head-up display products can be used together.

Q. Regulations have been tightened against "driving while distracted"; is there any problem with using the HUD-2020?
A. Please refer to this articlefor a detailed explanation by an expert. In particular, the penalties stipulated areHand-holdingand gazing at the image displayed on it" and "Gazing at the image on the road whileTraffic hazards"and caused a traffic hazard on the road."It is strictly prohibited to operate a smartphone by holding it directly while driving. The HUD display requires far less eye movement than a conventional car navigation system, but we urge you to make active use of voice operation with Siri/Google Assistant. Once you get used to it, you will find that the need to look at the screen itself will be greatly reduced.

Q. What should I do in case of initial failure or malfunction?
A. Please contact the support desk listed at the end of the manual. Our staff in Japan will be happy to assist you. Our service center for repair and replacement is also located in Japan. Please be assured that our products are not like the products sold by overseas vendors on certain websites, where if it breaks, it's the end of the line.


  • There have been a number of cases in which inferior copies of our products have appeared on auction sites, etc., and we have received a number of inquiries about malfunctions. We have no relationship with these products and cannot provide repair or support. Please be careful. Reference articleFalsified specs on, etc.


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