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HUD-2023 Head-Up Display works with Wireless CarPlay/AndroidAuto [Ship in 2 business days].

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Ship in 2 business days and usually deliver in a week by DHL from Japan to your country

Finally! HUD-2023 Automobile Head-Up Display works with Wireless Carplay/AndroidAuto.

The HUD is connected to your iPhone or Android phone by wireless. When you start the engine, the HUD starts up, and then automatically connects wirelessly to your smartphone. You can use Carplay HUD even with your smartphone in your pocket.

Installation is as simple as connecting to a cigarette lighter socket and sticking it on the dashboard. Anyone can easily install it.

Many media outlets have introduced us.

Evolved points

This product is the successor to the HUD-2020 released in 2019.
Based on the various feedback we received from users of the previous model, we have made improvements and adapted the latest features to the advances in the smartphone side of the HUD (Head Up Display) for in-vehicle use.

Wireless Carplay/AndroidAuto compatibility

Connecting to iPhone/Android smartphones is Completely wireless. Once the wireless connection is set up, the phone will automatically connect wirelessly to the smartphone when the engine is started - HUD is activated.Carplay HUD can be used automatically even when the phone is in the pocket or bag.

The appearance is also very neat with the elimination of the smartphone cable. Since there is no longer a need to think about the wiring path for the smartphone cable, the HUD can be installed more freely.

*Wireless connection to the smartphone uses both Bluetooth and Wifi. Internet connection is made simultaneously with the smartphone's 4G/5G connection
*USB cable connection (with 0.5A power supply) is also available

Input via smartphone, display via HUD

Wireless connection to a smartphone makes operation very easy.

Map destinations, music, etc. are quickly entered with the smartphone at hand. The results are seamlessly displayed on the Carplay screen of the HUD.

The smartphone can be used as if it were a remote control for the HUD, without the need for a cumbersome voice or remote control input, and only the display can be seen on the HUD's easy-to-read screen.

Even while driving, you can give your smartphone to a passenger or rear seat passenger to enter a destination, and it will be displayed directly on the HUD navigation screen. Music selection is equally easy.

(*Carplay only; simultaneous smartphone operation is not possible with AndroidAuto maps.
It is prohibited by law for the driver to operate or look at the smartphone screen while the vehicle is in motion. (Driver's smartphone operation must be done when the vehicle is stopped.

2.4GHz wireless dial remote control

The newly developed wireless dial remote control allows operation without leaving the steering wheel while driving. The fingertip on the dial quickly moves the cursor, and Siri/Google Assistant can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Communication between the remote control and the HUD is via 2.4GHz wireless technology (certified for technical compliance), and the receiver is built into the HUD itself, enabling more stable and reliable remote control operation. More stable and reliable remote control operation is now possible.
Installation on the steering wheel is simply a matter of wrapping and fastening the included silicon rubber band.

Product Features

Google Maps as a car navigation system

Isn't a conventional car navigation system very difficult to use? Once you get used to using a smartphone, even setting a destination is cumbersome and confusing. Voice input is also inaccurate and sometimes gives you the most ridiculous places to go.

With HUD-2023, you can use the maps on your smartphone as a car navigation system, not only Apple's genuine maps, but also Google Maps, and even third-party apps such as Yahoo! Because the maps are from your smartphone, unlike a car navigation system, you do not have to pay to update the data. You can immediately use the latest information, such as new roads and stores that have just been built.

Route guidance is overlaid on the driver's field of vision, allowing the driver to safely check the route while keeping their eyes on the road.

*Currently only Google Maps is available for AndroidAuto.

Music on your phone while driving

I wanna listen to music on my phone while I'm driving!
Everyone thinks so, but it wasn't that easy. For example, if your car is old and does not have an audio input terminal, or if you cannot operate your phone while driving, you cannot play that song when you are in the mood, or in the middle of the road! I can't play that song for this mood, this scenery, and that song!

With the HUD-2023, it's super easy: it comes with an FM transmitter, so you can easily listen to your phone's music from an FM car audio system, even in older cars.

To select a song, simply ask Siri or other voice assistants to "play 00". There is no need to go through the hassle of selecting an artist name from a huge list, choosing a song title, and so on. The name of the song currently playing can also be checked on the HUD screen without having to look away from the road.

In addition, you can listen to music subscription services such as Apple Music and Spotify, so your music library is truly limitless. Music can be played to suit any situation, scenery, or mood.

What is an FM Transmitter?

It is a feature that sends music over FM radio waves, just like a small FM radio station. By receiving the FM radio signal from the car audio system, you can listen to your phone's music as FM radio.

Wired audio output is also available.

A 3.5mm audio output is also provided. It is located on the front of the main unit (windshield side) where wiring can be easily hidden. For more stable and high quality sound, wired connection is recommended.

If you prefer to use the HUD separately from the car audio system, you can also connect a small separate speaker to this port.

Bluetooth audio output (sold separately)

Although not supported by us, Bluetooth audio output is also possible by connecting a commercially available Bluetooth transmitter to the 3.5mm audio output as shown in the photo above. Not only music, but also navigation and voice assistants can be used without problems. Power can also be supplied at the same time from the USB port for the smartphone on the HUD itself.

Please check the respective manuals before connecting the Bluetooth transmitter to the car audio system.

Hands-free phone calls can also be made

We make a lot fewer phone calls nowadays, but we still need them from time to time.
Often, especially when picking up and dropping off a car, we need to call to confirm our location!

HUD-2023 makes that easy.
Just tell Siri or other voice assistants, "Call XXX," and you can make a call right away. There is no need to search for the other party's number in a list. Hands-free calling is a snap.

The microphone is built into the HUD, and the voice comes out of the connected car audio speaker.

Easy voice control

Siri and other voice assistants are easy to use. Simply press the voice command button on the remote control to activate Siri or Google Assistant.

Although "HeySiri" can also be used to call up Siri, in fact, the smartphone's microphone is used to call up "HeySiri" even when Carplay is in use. For this reason, if you leave your phone in your bag, it may be difficult for it to respond.

However, if you use the voice command button, it is activated in one shot. After that, Siri can be used with the HUD's built-in microphone.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android

HUD-2023 is compatible with both iPhone and Android*.
Both smartphones can be used either wirelessly (using both Bluetooth and Wifi) or simply by connecting a cable to the HUD's USB port.

*CarPlay for iPhone and Android Auto compatible smartphones are required for Android. The compatibility status is as follows. (as of July 2022)

CarPlay is compatible with the following iPhones.

  • iPhone 5 or later

Android Auto will be compatible with the following Android phones

  • Smartphones with Android 11 or higher
    *A USB connection must be made with the HUD first, even when making a wireless connection (AndroidAuto specifications)

*Please update your smartphone OS to the latest version before use.
*We recommend using a newer smartphone as much as possible, as older smartphones older than 2 years will have a degraded battery and slower operation.

What is Apple CarPlay / Android Auto?

It is a standard set by Apple and Google, the respective OS manufacturers, to enable the proper use of smartphone functions while driving.

Unlike a simple mirroring of a smartphone screen, the screen layout and user interface are optimized for driving, and the remote control and voice can be used to perform a whole range of operations without touching the screen.

In addition, videos, game applications, etc., which are not appropriate for driving, are disabled, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving without distraction.

HUD-2023 complies with these standards to ensure proper use of smartphone functions while driving For more information on Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, please check the official information from the respective OS manufacturer.

Apple CarPlay


Note: The features and apps offered are quite different between iPhone and Android. The features themselves may also change from time to time due to OS updates.

Large projection screen

The screen is made of large acrylic, with a TFT LCD that projects a magnified image like a projector and displays it in a translucent overlay in the driver's field of vision.

The projection screen is slightly bent like a concave mirror. This makes the image appear to be projected farther away than it actually is, making it easier to read the information on the screen while keeping the eyes focused on the road.

The screen is foldable and designed to be out of the way when not in use. The base can be oriented and angled so that it can be changed to a more comfortable viewing position after installation.
The main unit is equipped with a light intensity sensor to automatically control the display brightness according to the environment. The display is easy to read day or night, even in tunnels.

The display starts up with the lowest brightness, eliminating the problem of excessive brightness at nighttime startup that existed with previous models.

Privacy Protection Design

Imagine this.
What if you were driving along with your family or loved ones and unexpectedly received a phone call or LINE notification from someone of the opposite sex, and it appeared on the Carplay screen as a big picture?
What if you tried to search for a restaurant on Google Maps and the name of the restaurant you visited last night appeared on your Carplay screen as your search history?

Image of normal display type

This can actually happen with Carplay/AndroidAuto, which is a large touch panel type of the vehicle's original equipment. Moreover, there is even a possibility that a passenger may operate the Carplay touch panel without permission while you are driving.
Even if you have nothing to hide, it is normal to have a piece or two of information on your smartphone that you don't want people to see.

Due to the concave mirror structure described above, the HUD screen has a narrow viewing angle and is difficult to see from any seat other than the driver's. It is especially difficult to see from the passenger's seat. It is especially difficult to see from the front passenger's seat.
This greatly reduces the risk of passengers being able to see the information on the smartphone. In addition, because it is operated by remote control from the steering wheel, only the driver can operate it. The driver can use the system without worrying about passengers.

What if I want the passenger to input the destination of the navigation system?
No problem. The phone is connected wirelessly, so you can just hand the phone to the passenger and ask them to enter the destination.

No tools required, anyone can install.

Installation is very easy.
Power is supplied from a cigarette lighter socket, so no special installation work is required.
Simply attach the unit to the dashboard using the adhesive sheet on the bottom of the unit.

Q. There are few flat places on the dashboard.

A. Yes, simply attach it to the dashboard using the adhesive sheet on the bottom. The base is made of a soft silicon rubber material, so it can be attached even to a somewhat curved surface. The adhesive sheet is not an adhesive but a new material called nanosuction*, which sticks to even rough surfaces such as leather and does not melt and become sticky when heated. It can be reapplied as many times as necessary by simply wiping it clean with water.

The sticking mechanism is based on countless invisible, ultra-fine suction cups.

The base can be rotated to adjust the angle back and forth, left and right, and can even be installed in a tilted position as shown in the photo below.

Actual installation. The vehicle isToyota Sienta

The pedestal can be detached as shown in the figure below, so depending on the installation location, the main unit can be directly fixed with commercially available Velcro tape, etc. without using the pedestal.

Example of installation location

The HUD display can be viewed by adjusting the angle and direction, even if the position is not in front of the driver's seat, as shown in (3) and (4) below.

Actual installation. The vehicle is Toyota Yaris.

Q. The dashboard of my car is too small.

A. When you receive the product, first check if it can be installed by placing it temporarily without removing the adhesive sheet under the pedestal. If the product has not been used within 7 days of arrival (no adhesive sheet under the base, complete with accessories, no scratches, stains, or damage, etc.), it can be returned if it is in a saleable condition as a new product. However, you are responsible for return shipping costs. If you wish to return the product, please contact our support department as indicated in the manual.

Includes EVA stabilizer for vibration control

An EVA sponge stabilizer is included in the package as a vibration suppression measure. By supporting the dashboard and HUD body with this sponge, vibration of the HUD is suppressed and a stable display is achieved.

Product Specifications

Main unit appearance

(1) 3.5mm audio output
(2) Light level sensor
(3) The power port on the main unit is not a USB-C port. Please do not use a power cable other than the one supplied with this product, nor use the power cable for any other purpose.
(4) USB port for smartphone (USB-A)
(5) Power switch
(6) Basement (fixed to dashboard with replaceable adhesive mat)
(7) Screen (Acrylic transparent concave mirror)
(8) Microphone

Appearance of remote control

①Upper line selection (Android only)
②Select bottom line (Android only)/Settings (press and hold)
③Cursor movement dial (Turn the dial to move the cursor. Long press to menu)
④Siri/Google Assistant startup
⑤OK button
⑥Battery replacement lid


①Manual information sheet and warranty card *
HUD main unit (including base, screen is wrapped in protective cloth)
③Remote control (with built-in test batteries and rubber band)
④1.8m cigarette lighter socket power cable (with built-in FM antenna)
⑤EVA sponge for vibration control
⑥Cable clamp

Manuals for this product are provided online and will be updated as needed.

Product Specifications

Main unit size (including screen and base, with screen upright): 150 mm (W) x 150 mm (D) x 110 mm (H)
Pedestal size: 130x140x15mm
Screen size: 150x76x3mm
Cigar socket power cable length: 1.8m

Main unit operating voltage: 12-24V
Cigar socket power cable input: 12-24V, output: 12-24V/1.5A
USB port power supply output for smartphone connection: 0.5A
Operating temperature: 0-75 degrees Celsius
Screen: TFT projection type
Screen Resolution: 480x240
FM Transmitter Frequency: Can be set as desired
Antenna for FM output: Built in cigarette socket power cable
FM audio: Stereo
Remote control frequency: 2.4GHz (technical qualification acquired) *Receiver is built into the main unit
Remote control battery: CR1632
Wireless connection with smartphone: Bluetooth (v4.2) + Wifi (802.11 a/n/ac, 5.6GHz band) (Technical qualification obtained)

Warranty Period

  • Main unit, remote control, cigar socket cable: 1 year from shipping date
  • For remote controlRubber band3 months from shipping date
  • Remote control battery is not covered by warranty
  • The warranty does not cover scratches and scuffs on the main unit that are not a problem when using the product, or installation-related costs.

Some designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement. Please understand.
*This product uses radio waves for FM transmitter, but since it is below the standards for weak radio stations set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (verified by a third-party organization), no license or technical qualification is required for use.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Regulations for Weak Radio Stations

Review Video

Reviewed by popular Youtuber "Kurumania K"!


Reviewed by popular Youtuber "Mikasu-Channel"!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use it in my car?
A. Yes, it can be used in any car as long as it has a cigarette lighter socket. However, installation may be difficult depending on the size and shape of the dashboard.Please check if the size of the main unit: 150 mm (width) x 150 mm (depth) x 110 mm (height) can be secured on the dashboard of your car. If you are not sure, please refer to the next section.

Q. The dashboard of my car is narrow, so I am not sure if it can be installed.
A. When you receive the product, first check if it can be installed by placing it temporarily without removing the adhesive sheet under the base. If the product has not been used within 7 days of arrival (no adhesive sheet under the base, complete with accessories, no scratches, stains, or damage, etc.), it can be returned if it is in a saleable condition as a new product. However, you are responsible for return shipping costs. If you wish to return the product, please contact our support department as indicated in the manual.
(We do not confirm the installation of individual car models or answer whether the product can be installed or not.

Q. Can I use my smartphone?
A. Please check this column again. We do not respond to inquiries regarding the compatibility status of individual smartphones.

Q. Can I see the image properly even in sunny weather?
A. Yes, there is no problem at all. We have sold about 3,000 units of the previous model, the HUD-2020, and have not received a single complaint that it is too dark (the LCD and screen are the same specifications as the previous model). In fact, most people are surprised at how bright and clear it is even on sunny days.

HUD display on a sunny day in April (without modification, vehicle: Toyota Rise)

Q. The previous model had glare when activated at night.
A. No, this problem does not occur because the system is now designed to start up with the lowest brightness and then adjust the brightness according to the environment.

Q. The previous model's screen shook when it vibrated, making it difficult to see.
A. We have attached an EVA sponge stabilizer for vibration control. By inserting this between the HUD and the dashboard, vibrations are absorbed and a stable installation can be achieved. However, please note that it may not be able to absorb all the vibration depending on the car model or installation location.

Q. I am concerned about summer heat.
A. Our products have been tested for heat resistance in accordance with international standards for automotive products. We and our manufacturing plant have been producing automotive products for several years and fully understand the heat resistance required for automotive products. Our manufacturing plant is located in Shenzhen, China, which is further south than Okinawa and Ishigaki Island.

We recommend that you place your smartphone out of direct sunlight, as it is much more sensitive to heat than our HUD.

Q. Is there any problem even if my phone's OS is upgraded?
A. Apple CarPlay / Android Auto is a standard, so this HUD can be used without problems even if the OS is upgraded. Also, the firmware of the HUD itself is designed so that it can be updated*, so even if there is a compatibility problem in the future, it can be handled. Firmware can be updated by yourself via the USB plug of the main unit.

Q. The NAVS will be in constant communication, right? Won't that cost a lot of money?
A. As it turns out, it consumes much less data than most people imagine. Usually, NAVS applications only acquire location information (latitude and longitude) and do not download large data such as images. Also, the location information is very small, only a few bytes each. In particular, CarPlay/Android Auto apps are developed for use while driving, so they are usually designed to require a small amount of communication. However, it depends on the type of app and how you use it, so if you are concerned, we recommend that you check the amount of communication in your phone while using it.

Q. Won't the battery run out quickly?
A. Wireless connection consumes a lot of power especially. We recommend that you charge your smartphone while using it for long periods of time, and if you connect the HUD to a cable, you can charge the battery at the same time.

Note that regardless of the use of this product, a smartphone that has been used for a long period of time (more than 2 years) will have a degraded battery that will easily deplete.

Q. I have the impression that FM transmitters are noisy.
A. The manufacturing factory of this product also produces a dedicated FM transmitter product, and in fact, that has been a bestseller on Amazon Japan for many years. Since that know-how is used, the audio quality is quite high. The cigar socket power cable also serves as an FM antenna, and when connected to the cigar socket power supply, the entire body of the car becomes an antenna, increasing the sensitivity. However, for more stable sound quality, a wired connection via the 3.5mm audio output or a Bluetooth connection using a Bluetooth transmitter (sold separately) is recommended.

Q. I am playing music from another source in the car audio system and I don't want it to be occupied by the HUD.
A. We recommend using another small speaker connected to the 3.5mm audio output. In this case, FM audio is still being output in parallel, so you can switch between the two if necessary.

Q. Can power be supplied from a source other than a cigarette lighter socket?
A. It is also possible to obtain power from a fuse box or the like by attaching a commercially available adapter to the end of the cigarette lighter socket power cable. Please refer to this page for detailed instructions.

Q. Does the power turn on/off automatically?
A. For domestic cars, the cigar socket power ON/OFF is interlocked with the engine, so it is turned ON/OFF accordingly. However, in some imported cars, the cigar socket is always used as the power source. For these cars, please use the power switch on the HUD itself to turn the power ON/OFF, or use the ACC fuse to obtain power as described in the previous section.

Q. Is there a longer power cable?
A. It is possible to extend the length of the power cable by connecting a commercially available extension cable for cigar sockets to the attached power cable.

Q. Can I use a USB-C cable to connect to a smartphone?
A. Yes, by using a USB-A conversion cable on the HUD side. Since communication problems are likely to occur when using a conversion plug, be sure to use a USB-C/USB-A conversion cable to connect directly to your smartphone. Also, please use a high-quality cable that guarantees data transmission.

Q. Can I ask a contractor to install the product?
A. Please refer to the "Find an Installer" page.

Q. Are the power cable, remote control, etc. compatible with the previous HUD-2020 model?
A. No, they are not compatible. Be sure to reinstall everything, even if you are replacing an older model.

Q. Does the HUD-2020 have a display function for vehicle speed, tachometer, etc.?
A. No, it does not.

Q. Can the screen be made larger?
A. If the screen were larger, it would be difficult to install because the top of the screen would hit the windshield on many car models. In addition, since the screen is not positioned at the screen, but rather an imaginary image is projected beyond the screen, the image appears larger than the actual screen and does not seem too small.

Q. Regulations have been tightened against "driving while distracted"; is there any problem with its use?
A. Please refer to this article for a detailed explanation from an expert. In particular, the penalties are for "holding the phone in one's hand and gazing at the image displayed on it" and "causing a traffic hazard on the road," so directly holding and operating a smartphone while driving is strictly prohibited. The possibility of "creating a traffic hazard" by gazing at the image is not limited to smartphones, but also applies to conventional car navigation systems and this device. Once you get used to it, you will find that the need to look at the screen itself will be greatly reduced.

Q. What should I do in case of initial failure or malfunction?
A. Please contact us using the inquiry form. Our staff in Japan will respond to you. Our service center for repair and replacement is also located in Japan.


This product was developed under the planning of NeoTokyo Corporation in collaboration with Chinese and Korean companies. Although we are the exclusive distributor in Japan, there is a possibility that the same type of product may be sold overseas by the aforementioned Chinese and Korean companies due to the circumstances. However, since these products have not obtained a technical compliance certificate (permission to use radio waves) in Japan and have different output values, use of these products in Japan is a violation of the Radio Law and the user is subject to imprisonment for up to five years or a fine of up to 2.5 million yen. Please be aware of this. If you have confirmed the distribution or use of any of these products in Japan, please inform us. We will report the matter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the police.

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