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microSD Card (Choose from 32/64/128GB) for all MirrorCam models [FREE SHIPPING / Ships next business day].

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Ship in 2 business days and usually deliver in a week by DHL from Japan to your country

Please select capacity from 32/64/128GB when ordering.

This microSD card can be used with all models in the "Mirror Cam" series.

Made by Spark Semiconductor Technology."Metorage" brand microSD card manufactured by Spark Semiconductor TechnologySpark Semiconductor Technology, Inc.
Metorage is not well-known in Japan, but it is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders, etc. It has a write endurance about 5 times higher than "consumer grade" products available in general stores. It has approximately five times the write endurance of "consumer grade" products available at general retail stores.
Periodic formatting frequency is also less than that of ordinary SD cards.

In fact, we conducted a comparison test with the TOSHIBA brand product attached to the former MirrorCam MRC-2020, and the results were so favorable in terms of high speed and heat resistance that we have officially adopted it for the three-camera MirrorCam Pro, which requires particularly high speed. (Note: This is not due to superiority as a brand, but rather to differences in the main purpose of use of the product.)

Even if you are already using other SD cards, you can expect more reliable recording by switching to Metorage. Depending on the situation, the start-up of the DVR may also be faster.

Flash type: Intel
Bus Speed Mode: UHS-I
Speed Class: Class 10/A1/U1/V10
P/E Cycle: 1500 cycles
Operating Temperature: -25℃~85
Storage temperature: -40°C~85°C

Country of manufacture: Taiwan


*Please format in the mirror cam menu before starting to use.
Metorage 32GB can be used with MirrorCam 2 andMirror-camPro. The Metorage 32GB is the same one that comes standard with MirrorCam 2 and Pro.
*Warranty period: 3 months
The microSD card is a consumable item. We recommend replacing the microSD card after about one year.