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Anti-Reflection Sheet for Each Mirror Cam Model [FREE SHIPPING/ SHPS NEXT BUSINESS DAY] (Japanese only)

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Ship in 2 business days and usually deliver in a week by DHL from Japan to your country

Size varies by modelPlease select the model from the pull-down menu when ordering.

Anti-reflection sheet for mirror cam. It prevents reflection during the daytime and reduces the appearance of fingerprints.

Caution: Please note the following.
When this anti-reflective sheet is appliedMirror Cam screen can not be used as a mirror when the screen is turned off.The contrast will also be slightly reduced. Also, the contrast will be slightly reduced. Please order with this in mind.

Also, before orderingTo reduce screen glare to see if it is really necessary. MirrorCam 2 and MirrorCam Pro have improved screen brightness and surface material, and many people have no problem using them without anti-reflective sheeting.

Installation Instructions:.

Make sure the MirrorCam mirror surface is free of dust and work in a dust-free area.

The sheet is made up of three layers.The middle one is the sheet that is actually applied to the MirrorCam screen.The front and back are protective films (with red and black tabs attached, respectively). The front and back are protective films (each with red and black tabs).

  1. Please align the position of the sheets.
  2. Gradually peel off the protective film with red tabs marked [①BACK], and attach the anti-reflective sheet to the mirror surface of the MirrorCam body, aligning its position.
  3. Finally, remove the black tab marked [②FRONTFinally, remove the protective film with the black tab marked [②FRONTis removed, the work is complete. If air bubbles appear, push them out with your fingers.

It is very difficult to reapply the film after it has been applied, so please be sure to align the film before applying it.
*We do not accept returns after use.
The initial defect warranty period for this product is one month from product shipment.


Sample photo of this sheet applied to the first MirrorCam (MRC-2020) (Taken with iPhoneX, no processing)

Mikasu-Channel, a very popular Youtuber, reviewed the use of this anti-reflective sheet! (Using the first generation Mirror Cam MRC-2020)