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Discontinued] Mirror Cam Pro MRC-PRO1G Mirror-type Drive Recorder with 3 cameras (front, center and rear) + 24-hour infrared constant monitoring with GPS [Free Shipping / Ships next business day].

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This product is no longer available. New productMirror-cam 2Please consider the new product.

Professional high-end model of the highly popular mirror-type driver's recorder "Mirror CamMirror Cam Prois now available.

Front and rear camerasareindependentexpression. In addition, theFor indoor usefor indoor use. Total3 camerasspecifications, more than a normal mirror or a regular driver's recorder.By far the widest field of viewthan ordinary mirrors or ordinary

The interior camera iswide-angle specifications with a diagonal of 153 degrees.The three cameras can capture not only the interior but also the situation on both sides of the vehicle. The three cameras perfectly record overtaking maneuvers of the vehicle. Even in the unlikely event of violence in the driver's seat, everything can be recorded.

Crowdfunding that preceded the projectThe project was sold out before the end of the campaign period! The project has been covered by many media outlets.

Mirror Cam Media Coverage

IndependentFront Camera

Mirror-camIn Pro.Front camera completely independent of the main unitThe front camera can be attached to the body of the camera. Like the rear camera, it can be simply attached to any position on the windshield with double-sided tape. The front camera can be installed in a location that provides optimal visibility at all times. In addition, the front camera angle can be360 degreesThis allows for a wider range of angles when combined with a similarly angle-adjustable interior camera.
The camera lens is positioned just in front of the windshield, making it possible to capture images in a wider range of directions than with conventional mirror cams.Wider and clearer front camera field of viewthan with conventional mirror cams.

The front camera of conventional mirror cams is built into the mirror of the main unit. This made it difficult to take pictures of the front part of the vehicle if there was an obstacle in front of the front camera, such as a driver assistance system, or if the sun visor could not be lowered. Also, when the angle of the mirror is changed, the angle of the front camera is also changed. MirrorCam Pro has succeeded in solving all these problems by adopting an independent front camera.

InfraredIndoor Camera

The added indoor camera is a whoppingInfraredcamera specification. The infrared camera records even the darkest of nighttime scenes inside the car. Combined with the constant monitoring described below, the camera can record even if the car is entered and stolen while parked at night. Cab, etc.Violence inside a carin a taxi, etc., can also be recorded as evidence.

(The photo above was taken at the same time in the same car with the MirrorCam Pro's interior camera and the new iPhoneSE's camera.The MirrorCam Pro's thermal imaging camera can even see through the person's sunglasses.(Visible)

During the daytime, the camera automatically switches to a normal camera, ensuring optimal image recording in any brightness.

In addition, the indoor camera can be manually320 degrees around.direction by hand. Depending on the situationSideIt can be used as a camera orFrontIt can be used for a variety of purposes, such as infrared surveillance of the front side of the camera.

24-hour time-lapse continuous monitoring

An even more powerful feature is the ability to24-hour constant monitoringfunction when the car is parked. once a second even when the engine is off.(Time lapse)AutomaticallyContinuous shooting with all three camerasThe video The captured video can be played back as a fast-motion video-like movie.

Time-lapse constant monitoring isUp to 24 hours(This long continuous recording is not possible with normal recording, as the SD card fills up in 3-4 hours and is overwritten after that. (With normal recording, the SD card fills up in 3 to 4 hours and is then overwritten, so this kind of long-time continuous recording is not possible).
The MirrorCam Pro screen does not light up during time-lapse continuous monitoring.

Pro Power Cable

In order to achieve this time-lapse constant monitoring, power must be supplied from the vehicle's battery.
For this purpose, MirrorCam Pro uses a dedicatedPro Power equipped as standard equipment.Constant power supply in fuse boxBy connecting to the fuse box socket, a stable supply of power necessary for time-lapse continuous monitoring can be provided. Unlike a cigar socket cable, it can be installed neatly and beautifully. (Yellow B+, Red ACC, Black GND)

Sold separatelyCigar socket cableHowever, time-lapse constant monitoring will not be available. However, time-lapse constant monitoring will not be available.

Anti-Battery Protection Mechanism

Pro Power Cable Operation Console

I was thinking, "Won't the vehicle's battery run out of power too quickly if it's constantly powered from the vehicle's battery?"
Don't worry, the Pro Power Cable is designed to be used with theAnti-Battery Discharge MechanismThe Pro Power Cable is equipped with an anti-battery discharge mechanism. The Pro Power Cable is equipped with an anti-battery drain mechanism that stops the power supply to the MirrorCam Pro when the battery voltage drops below a set value (12.4V/12.0V/11.8V).Power buttonThe Pro Power Cable's control console also has a power button, so you can turn off the power when you are away from the camera for an extended period of time for added peace of mind. If time-lapse monitoring is not used, only the yellow cable for the constant power connection can be used for ACC power, so that power is only supplied when the engine is started.

Note: This function does not guarantee that the battery will never run down. The use of constant monitoring puts a load on the vehicle's battery. To prevent problems, please check the battery voltage before and after use and always start the engine to charge the battery after use. Do not use constant monitoring if the vehicle will not be used for an extended period of time.

1600x400 high definition screen

MirrorCam Pro

The screen is approximately the same size as a standard interior mirror9.88 inchestype, which is almost the same size as a standard interior mirror.Resolution 1600x400 dots, brightness 900cd/m2and brighter than conventional mirror cams. The screen surface material has also been improved to minimize glare, making it easier to see even in bright daylight.
Also, as mentioned above, the front camera section has been eliminated and the width slightly narrowed, eliminating interference with the sun visor. Also, the longer vertical length makes it easier to check the situation when backing up.

Anti-reflective sheet included as standard

An anti-reflective sheet is included as standard equipment to prevent glare. This sheet provides a clear field of view even in bright daylight. Fingerprints are also less likely to show up, giving the product a more luxurious appearance. The photo above shows the MirrorCam Pro with the anti-reflection sheet attached.

When an anti-reflective sheet is applied, it cannot be used as a mirror. The contrast is also slightly reduced. We have received evaluations from many users that MirrorCam Pro can be used without anti-reflective sheet without any problems, so we recommend that you first try it without anti-reflective sheet and use it only if you are concerned about the reflection.

Various Functions

Overwhelmingly reduced blind spots

The normal interior mirror only allows rearward vision through a narrow rear window. Some cars often have a complete blind spot in the rear pillar area.
However, with "Mirror CamCamera image installed in the rearThe "Mirror Cam", however, projects the image of a camera installed in the rear of the camera, sothe field of view is overwhelmingly wide and there are few blind spots.This makes it possible to check the rear of the vehicle. Even on rainy days, there is no need to worry about water droplets on the glass or windshield wipers obstructing your view. Unlike ordinary mirrorsLarge luggage in the interiorandRear seat passengersare not disturbed at all.

3-camera front/rear full HD + interior HD recording

Mirror-camThe Pro cameras areFront and rear full HD (1080p)* + indoor HD (720p)High-resolution specifications. The front and rear license plate numbers can also be reliably recorded.

2020/10/12 update: The latest firmware has made it possible to always record front and rear full HD resolution.

High image quality from front and rear Sony sensors

Same high performance as conventional mirror cams, both front and rearSony IMX307 sensorsensors on both the front and rear. This enables beautiful images that are brighter than the naked eye even at night. Even on dark nighttime roads, where ordinary rearview mirrors only show a pitch-black image, this system delivers a bright, easy-to-see image. As at night, the system projects a bright, clear image even in tunnels. Even in situations where there are extreme differences in brightness, such as at entrances and exits, the power of the Sony sensor minimizes skips.

Large touch screen for easy operation

Playback Screen

The digital mirror screen is9.88" large screenThe screen is much larger and easier to see than a normal DVR. It is much larger and easier to see than a normal digital camera, and recorded images can be played back on this screen.

Operation is as followsTouch panelThe display of the three cameras can be switched with a single touch. Slide your finger to change the angle of view or adjust the brightness.

A short press of the button on the bottom of the unit will turn off the display, allowing the unit to be used as a normal mirror. In this state, the camera continues to record as a driverless camera.It is also possible to set the screen to automatically turn off after a certain period of time.

Parking Guideline Display

A convenient guideline function is provided for parking.Automatically lights up when reversingautomatically lights up when the car is in reverse. The angle of view when reversing and the position of the guideline line can be set as desired.
When using this function, wiring of the rear camera cable red wire to the 12V + pole of the reversing light (core wire diameter 0.5 mm) is required.
In rare cases, this function may not work properly in some vehicles due to unstable current at the 12V+ pole of the backup light. Since it is difficult to confirm this in advance or to deal with this problem on our side, please refrain from ordering this product if this function is essential. Also, when requesting the wiring for this function from the installer, please make sure to ask them to confirm that this guideline is displayed when the vehicle is in reverse.

Compatible with LED signals throughout Japan

Regular video cameras and cheap driverless recorders cannotLED signal light will not be visible for a certain period of time in western Japan area.This is a fatal phenomenon*. This problem is avoided by changing the shooting speed to 27.5 fps for all three cameras (front, center, and rear).
Although not visible to the naked eye, LED lights blink at double the speed of the electricity frequency, and the electricity frequency of 60Hz in western Japan is a multiple of the general video frame rate of 30fps.

Shock Monitoring

In addition to time-lapse constant monitoringShock sensorsenables monitoring even when the power is turned off while the camera is parked. If an impact is detected while the camera is parked, it automatically starts recording and automatically turns off after 10 seconds.
*Because of the detection by the impact sensor, this is only a simplified monitoring and does not guarantee to capture images in all accidents. For those who expect more reliable monitoring, we recommend using time-lapse constant monitoring.

Equipped with GPS to record driving routes

A GPS receiver is included as standard equipment. Location information (latitude and longitude) and speed information are automatically recorded in the video. This allows the exact location of the accident site and the speed at the time of the accident to be determined. The time display is also automatically corrected by GPS, so it is always accurate.

In addition, by using the dedicated application* (for Windows/Mac), the driving route can be overlaid on the map application. Not only does this make it easier to understand the accident situation, but it can also be used to record memories of the drive.
Download the application from the user support information page.

In addition, GPS receptionSpeed and directionand by GPSAccurate time and datecan also be displayed on the screen. Display can be turned off by setting

32GB microSD card included

A microSD card (Class 10) is used for video recording, and a 32GB microSD card is included as a standard accessory, so you can start using the product right away.

The attached SD card is a "Metorage" brand product manufactured by Spark Semiconductor Technology, which is not well known in Japan, but is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance designed for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders. It is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders, etc., and has five times the write endurance of "consumer grade" products available in general stores.

Easy to use

Although the MirrorCam Pro is so multifunctional, it is easy to use.
It starts automatically when the engine is started (ACC power on). Rearward images are displayed and recording starts.
When the engine is stopped (ACC power OFF), the system automatically shifts to time-lapse constant monitoring mode. The screen will automatically turn off. When time-lapse continuous monitoring is turned off, the system shuts down completely and turns off.

This means that in normal use, theYou do not need to do anything to use it.

Easy to install

Installation can be done by an inexperienced person as long as preparations are made well in advance. Please refer to the following.

Super easy! How to install a mirror-type DR-Recorder

To make installation even easier, we offer a separately soldCigar socket power cableis also available. The installation can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes with a cigarette lighter socket connection. (However, the time-lapse constant monitoring function will not be available.)

If it is too much trouble to install by yourself, you can find a contractor below.

Find a contractor

Q. Can you install on my car?
A. Yes, as long as your car has a 12V power supply and interior mirrors. Most car models can be installed without problems. When installed, the L-shaped cable plug is attached to the top of the main unit, so an additional 15mm of space is required above the main unit. Considering the angle adjustment, a space of about 20-25 mm above the unit is recommended.

Some large mirrors and mirrors with ETC may protrude from the back of the MirrorCam Pro, which may be a problem for those who are particularly concerned about the appearance. Please check the size of your interior mirrors carefully with the size listed in the specifications section of this product beforehand. The hooks are flexible and can spread up and down quite a bit.If you are not concerned about the appearance of the product, it is unlikely that you will not be able to physically install it.
We do not confirm the installation of each car model or answer whether it is possible to install the product or not.

Rear camera can be installed inside or outside the car

Rear camera can be installed inside or outside the car.4-layer near-infrared compatible lensspecifications. The built-in Sony sensor is prone to high temperatures, so a metal case is used to ensure good heat dissipation.IP67 waterproofIP67 waterproofOutside the carThe camera can also be installed outside the vehicle to capture clearer images.
The bracket for installation istwo types of brackets for inside/outside of the vehiclefor both inside and outside of the car. You can start by installing the system inside the car as soon as possible, and then take your time to install it outside the car when you have more time.

For referenceIs it better to install a rear camera inside or outside the car?

The cable for the rear camera has higher transmission efficiency and is standard.10m cableis attached as standard.

Obtain power from fuse box

When using time-lapse constant monitoring, theConnect to 2 locations: 12V constant power and ACC power (and ground connection)(and ground connection) are required. This enables intelligent power control that turns the MirrorCam Pro on and off when the engine is turned on or off, while supplying constant power for constant monitoring.

If you do not want to use the constant power supply, you can also make it ACC-linked by connecting only the yellow wire for power supply to ACC. (However, time-lapse constant monitoring will not be possible.)

*Sold separately even for 24V vehicles.Cigar socket power cable(However, time-lapse constant monitoring will not be available. (However, time-lapse constant monitoring will not be available.)

Review Video

▼ Famous Youtuber'sKurumania Kfor the review!
Kurumania K is a fierce user who has used more than 40 mirrored DR-Recorders in his life. Please take a look.

Please check out this very popular Youtuber'sMikasu ChannelWe received a review from Mr. Mikasu Channel, a very popular Youtuber. He is already using the MirrorCam MRC-2020, but how did he evaluate the new MirrorCam Pro? Also, be sure to check out the second half of the article on obtaining fuse box power.

▼ J-Auto ShowWe are very pleased to have you review the new MirrorCam Pro! The person who installed the fuse box is a professional, so please take a look at his/her skill.

Mirumiru LandAnother reviewer, Mr. MIRUMIRU LAND! Very clear explanation of fuse replacement, wiring, and functions. We had it installed in our EVRY.

▼HOUSE WITH GARAGEWe are very pleased to have this product reviewed by Mr. T. K. K. They also introduce how it can be used in a convertible car and the unique twist for a sports car.

We have also received many examples of installation on various social networking sites. Please take a look.

Product Specifications

Front of the main unit】※An anti-reflective sheet is attached.

Back of the main unit】 【Back of the main unit

Model Number:MRC-PRO1G

Body size: Width 275mm (longest part)/240mm (shortest part) x height 80mm, 110mm between left and right hooks, weight 331g
Front camera: AHD 1080P 27.5FPS 2-megapixel, viewing angle: D=124°/H=102°/V=53°, SONY IMX307 sensor
Indoor camera: TVI 1080P 27.5FPS 2.0 megapixels, viewing angle: D=153.08°/ H=126.38°/ V=66.3°, infrared compatible
Rear camera: TVI 1080P 27.5FPS 2.0 megapixel, viewing angle: D=140°/ H=112°/ V=60°, SONY IMX307 sensor, IP67 waterproof, size: 60 x 25 x 30mm, weight: 95g
Rear camera extension cable plug: mini-USB
Video resolution: 後1080P@27.5fps +中720P@27.5fps +前1080P@27.5fps
Display: 9.88" IPS 1600x400 dots
Operating temperature: -25°C to 65°C
Power cable (Pro power cable): input 12V/1.5A/mini flat 15A fuse, output 5V/3.0A/mini USB plug
*Do not use for any purpose other than this product due to its higher output than the normal USB standard.
*If the fuse shape or amperage on the car side is different, please replace it with an appropriate fuse power cable.
Built-in power supply: super capacitor
Recording medium: microSD card (Class 10 / max. 128GB) *Movies are not recorded on the mirror cam main unit
Other features: HDR/WDR on-board, loop recording function, simultaneous audio recording, shock detection file protection mechanism

Contents: Mirror Drive Recorder, Rubber band for mounting the main unit (with 1 spare set), Independent front camera, Cable for front camera (1m), Rear camera, Extension cable for rear camera (10m), Bracket for rear camera installation (for inside/outside of car, total 2 kinds), Pro power cable (from fuse to console) Pro power cable (2.4m from fuse to console + 0.9m from console to main unit), 32GB microSD card (already inserted in main unit), Japanese manual, contact information card, wiping cloth, anti-reflection sheet, GPS receiver
(Starting with shipments in November 2021, the two-way cable for GPS has been discontinued and the Pro power cable has been integrated with the merging wire for GPS connection.)

Warranty period: 1 year for the product itself, 3 months for the rubber band/cable/bracket/microSD card, anti-reflective sheet is not covered by the warranty except for the initial defect. The warranty does not cover scratches and scuffs on the main unit that do not cause any problems in use, or installation-related costs.
Manufactured and sold by NeoTokyo Co.

Some designs and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement. Please understand.

About the "Mirror Cam" series

The younger brother of this productMirror Cam" will be crowdfunded by GREENFUNDING in November 2019The amount of support was about 20 million yen, and 9.5 million units were completed in just one week. The response was so great that we sold out 950 units in just one week with a total support amount of 20 million yen.
After that, we also launched our ownNEOTOKYO STOREand has sold a cumulative total of over 5,000 units in just six months.

In the process, we have gained experience in quality control and support of drive recorder products. In the process, we have gained experience in quality control and support of drive recorder products, and the "Mirror Cam Pro" has been designed based on feedback from customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I install it in my car?
A. Please refer to the "Easy Installation" section of this page for more details. Basically, if your car has a 12V power supply and an interior mirror, you can install the system. We do not confirm the installation of individual car models or answer whether installation is possible or not, so please do not place an order if you are unable to make a judgment on your own.

Q. I am not sure if the product can be installed in my car due to its structure.
A. When you receive the product, first check if it can be installed by placing it temporarily without removing the protective film. The product can be returned if it has not been used (no protective film removed, no adhesive tape used, complete with accessories, no noticeable scratches or stains, etc.) within 7 days of receipt. However, please bear the return shipping costs. If you wish to return the product, please contact our support department as indicated in the manual.

Q. Does the product pass vehicle inspections?
A. Interior mirrors are not required for vehicle inspections, so there is no problem at all. Also, since the installation is only by fastening with a rubber band, it is possible to remove it for vehicle inspection if you are really worried about it.

Q. Won't the reflection of outside light make it difficult to see?
A. If outside light is reflected in the mirror under certain circumstances, try turning the mirror slightly downward. Unlike ordinary mirrors, the rear view does not change even if the angle is changed. Also, by attaching the anti-reflection sheet that comes as standard, the reflection will be greatly reduced.

For referenceHow to Reduce Screen Glare

MirrorCam Pro has improved LCD brightness and screen surface material compared to previous models, making it much easier to see in daylight without an anti-reflective sheet.

Q. If the digital mirror malfunctions, won't I be unable to drive?
A. No. It can be used just like a regular mirror with the power turned off. The mirror cam itself is only held in place by a rubber band, so it can be removed in a minute. Please do not worry.

Q. Will there be any noise on the digital TV or car navigation system?
A. No. The design of the mirror cam has already taken measures to prevent electromagnetic noise. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be no noise or interference. If you are unsure, please refrain from purchasing the product. Even if noise is detected, it can be resolved in most cases by modifying the wiring or power supply acquisition path so that it is as far away from the target as possible.

Q. Will the rubber band for mounting deteriorate?
A. The rubber band should be considered a consumable item, and we recommend replacing it after about one year. If necessaryClick herefor additional orders as needed.

Q. Can I install the system in a 24V car?
A. No. The Pro Power Cable is for 12V only and cannot be used.Cigar socket cable can be used for 24V cars.However, it is possible to use a cigar socket cable that can also be used in 24V vehicles. In this case, however, the time-lapse constant monitoring function will not be available.

Q. Is there a longer rear camera cable?
A. 15m cablePlease use a

Q. Why does the signal blink during video recording?
A. As mentioned above, this is due to the fact that LED signals blink at high speeds that cannot be detected by the naked eye, and if the shooting speed is set to a non-blinking speed, the signal light will be completely lost for a certain period of time, which is a fatal problem. For this reason, basically all the DVRs manufactured for the domestic market in Japan are like this.

Q. Is there a function for smoked glass in the rear camera?
A. No, there is no such mode, but it can be used with no problem if the glass is as black as a thin layer of privacy glass. Also, we have attached two types of brackets for the rear camera, one for inside and one for outside of the car, so you can install the rear camera outside of the car if necessary.

Q. Is it better to install the rear camera inside or outside the car?
A. It depends on the type of car and your preference. There is no significant difference in image quality. One thing to note is that if the camera is mounted outside the car at a low position, it may be difficult to see at night because it is directly exposed to the headlights of the following vehicle. Also, the use of a car wash is not recommended.
Inside a car, especially in a sedan, the lower part of the car may be hidden, making it difficult to see when parked, or the image may be darkened if the car has dark smoked glass. In addition, the brightness tends to be unstable in cars with a recessed rear glass because the interior is reflected in the image.
If you are in doubt, it is better to try both types of brackets in a temporary installation since they are available for both inside and outside of the car.

Reference article: Is it better to use a rear camera inside or outside the car?

Q. How long is the recording time?
A. This is only a rough estimate, as the video file size varies depending on the content. (When operating the front, center, and rear cameras and recording in full HD, one minute of recording consumes approximately 90 MB per camera). Recordings are saved separately every minute as standard. When the capacity of the card is full, the oldest file is automatically overwritten, and the file at the time of the accident is automatically locked against overwriting by shock sensor detection. Therefore, in normal use, there is no need to be aware of the recording time, and a single card can be left inserted without any problems. If you need more capacity, you can use theA separate high-capacity card (up to 128 GB)If you need more capacity, you can replace the card with a separate high-capacity card (up to 128 GB).
Time-lapse continuous monitoring captures only one frame per second, which means that it can record for approximately 60-90 times longer than normal recording. Time-lapse continuous monitoring files are also saved separately as a file for each minute of playback time.

Q. Is it safe to use constant monitoring in the middle of summer?
A. If the temperature of the product exceeds its operating temperature, a safety device will automatically shut down the power supply to the main unit and stop operation. For this reason, constant monitoring may not work properly while the product is parked under the blazing sun in mid-summer. Please understand this.

Q. Can the indoor camera be turned off?
A. The interior camera cannot be turned off, but it can be rotated so that the interior of the car will not be filmed if the camera is oriented to the outside of the car, such as forward or sideways. The interior camera can also be used as a front camera by changing its direction.

Q. Mirror-camCan the rear camera and power supply of the MRC-2020 be used without modification?
A. Due to changes in the software specifications of the rear camera and the plug specifications of the rear camera cable, they cannot be used without modification. To get the full performance of MirrorCam Pro, it is basically necessary to re-install everything.

Q. Mirror-camIs there anything inferior about the Pro compared to the MirrorCam MRC-2020?
A. Mirror-camThe Pro does not have the ability to display the rear camera upside down as of December 2020. If you want to use cigarette socket power, you will need to purchase a separate cigarette socket cable. The price is also higher for the Mirror Cam Pro. The mirror shape and size are also different, although this is a matter of preference rather than superiority. In general, MirrorCam Pro is superior in all other respects.

Q. Isn't there less blind spot with a 360-degree camera than with a 3-camera?
A. A 360-degree camera may seem ideal at first glance, but it has one major drawback: its resolution per unit area is low. In other words, a resolution of about 1440-1920 dots is sufficient to record the entire front, rear, left, and right, so it is impossible to clearly capture the most important images, such as the license plates of the cars in front and behind. In addition, when a single camera is used to capture 360-degree images, there are always blind spots that cannot be captured properly because something is in the way. Furthermore, a good 360-degree camera is still expensive and has the aforementioned drawbacks. We have researched 360-degree camera systems extensively, and have decided that our three-camera system is the best realistic specification to overcome these shortcomings.

Q. What should I do in case of initial failure or malfunction?
A. Please contact the support desk listed at the end of the manual. Our staff in Japan will be happy to assist you. Our service center for repair and replacement is also located in Japan. Please be assured that our products are not like the products sold by overseas vendors on certain websites, where if it breaks, it's the end of the line.


    Which mirror cam is right for you?

    34,800 yen 24,800 yen
    3 cameras (front, interior, rear) 2 cameras (front, rear)
    Front and rear: Sony IMX307 (FHD), interior: infrared (HD) Front and rear: Sony IMX307 (FHD)
    Independent front camera Front camera on the right side of the unit
    9.88" screen, 1600x400, 900 cd/m2 brightness Screen 11.88", 1480x320, brightness 800cd/m2
    Fuse box power supply (optional cigar socket power cable can also be used) Cigar socket power supply
    Time-lapse constant monitoring, shock monitoring Shock monitoring
    Equipped with GPS Equipped with GPS
    10m rear camera cable and anti-reflective sheet included as standard 10m rear camera cable and anti-reflective sheet attached as standard
    View details View Details

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