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[Ship in Dec.] Mirror-cam 2 MRC-2022 Front/Rear Dashcam + Digital Mirror with GPS

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"Mirror Cam 2" is the newest model of the popular mirror-type dashcam "Mirror Cam".
The following five points have evolved significantly.

  1. Newly developed 10.88-inch 1920x480 dot high-definition screen + Front and Rear Full HD with Sony sensor for high image quality
  2. Independent front camera
  3. Rear camera zoom function
  4. Top-wall construction to hide upper wiring *
  5. Easy installation by a single novice in 30 minutes

The latest digital mirror-type drive recorder developed based on feedback from users of "Mirror Cam" and "Mirror Cam Pro".

Patent pending (JP-Application 2021-138670, JP-Application 2021-118333)

What is Mirror Cam?

Unlike ordinary interior mirrors, the image from a wide-angle rear camera installed behind the vehicle is projected onto the mirror screen. This drastically reduces rearward blind spots. The rear blind spots are not obstructed even if the vehicle is loaded with a large amount of luggage. The Sony IMX307 sensor provides a brighter image than the naked eye at night. The camera can also be used as a front and rear full HD high quality drive recorder and as a rearview camera for checking the rear of the vehicle when parking.

Mirror Cam = Digital Mirror + Dashcam + Rearview Camera

Many users say, "Once I use it, I can't go back to the original mirror!".

In the Media

This product is funded on Makuake and received a total of 28,210,200 yen/949 customers.


mybest ranked No. 1 in the Mirror Type Dashcam Ranking, Also ranked No.5 in the overall front/rear two-camera type dashcam ranking.

It was also ranked fourth in the dashcam category in the first half of the Parts of the Year 2022 by the automotive social networking site "Minkara" (the highest ranking for a mirror-type dashcam).

CarGoodsPress Vol.99 "2022 Car Accessory Award" in the dashcam category.


The product was also featured in many other media outlets.

Product Features

10.88" 1920x480 dot high-definition touch screen

The newly developed IPS LCD 10.88-inch screen that displays camera images has a significantly higher resolution of 1920x480 dots. Full HD quality (1920x1080) camera images can be displayed in dot-by-dot horizontal orientation without cropping or blurring. Just one glance at the screen will give you a sense of sharp, high resolution.

LCD Screen Resolution Comparison

Mirror-Cam 2 (10.88"): 1920 x 480
Mirror-CamPro (9.88"): 1920 x 4801600 x 400
Mirror-Cam 1st gen. (11.88"): 1480 x 320

Independent front camera

MirrorCam 2 makes the front camera completely independent from the main unit. Like the rear camera, it can be simply attached to any position on the windshield with double-sided tape. The front camera can be installed in a location that provides optimal visibility at all times. In addition, the front camera angle can be changed 360 degrees, allowing the camera to capture images in a wider range of directions.

The camera lens is positioned just in front of the windshield to provide a wider and clearer front camera field of view than conventional mirror cams.

No left/right sun visor interference

The front camera of conventional mirror cams is built into the mirror of the main unit. This made it difficult to take pictures of the front part of the vehicle if there was an obstacle such as a driver assistance system in front of the front camera, or if the sun visor could not be lowered. Also, when the angle of the mirror is changed, the angle of the front camera changes with it. MirrorCam 2 has succeeded in solving all these problems by adopting an independent front camera.

Rear camera zoom function (patent pending)

Conventional and other companies' products have the problem that the image appears smaller than that of the indoor mirror. In other words, the screen is almost the same size as the existing in-room mirror and projects a fairly wide-angle image, making the image appear relatively small. For this reason, users of conventional models sometimes commented that it was difficult to get a sense of distance.

MirrorCam 2 is equipped with a unique rear camera zoom function (patent pending) to solve this problem. With a single touch, the rear camera image can be enlarged to a pre-set magnification ratio.

The magnification rate can be set arbitrarily, so for example, it can be set to the same size as the image reflected in the door mirror. The image returns to the original wide-angle image with a single touch (it does not return automatically), so it is easy to use the wide-angle image <> magnified image <> depending on the situation.

The set zoom ratio and zoom ON/OFF status are stored in the memory even after the power is turned off, so if the power is turned off while the camera is zoomed in, it will return to the original zoom status upon restart.

The zoom function is a digital zoom, so the resolution will be lower when the image is zoomed in. However, recording will be made at the original full HD resolution.

Top-wall structure that hides wiring (patent pending)

(Top: Mirror Cam 2, Bottom: Conventional product)

Many conventional products and products from other manufacturers leave plugs and cables bare on the top of the main unit for wiring. While this is easy for wiring and makes the main unit smaller, we have received comments from people who are particular about their car interiors that it is unsightly.

In response, MirrorCam 2 employs a unique top-wall structure (patent pending). The top wiring is neatly concealed, enabling a beautiful installation.

As a side effect, the new mirror is larger vertically, making it less likely to protrude even from large mirrors such as mirrors with ETC, and the wiring plug position has been relatively lowered, making it easier to install in many cars by eliminating the need for a space above the screen for the plug.

In conventional models, the wiring plug protrudes upward, requiring a gap of 1.5 to 2 cm above the interior mirror. With MirrorCam 2, the plug is retracted downward, so only a 0.3cm gap above the interior mirror is needed for the rubber band and cable to pass through.

Dashboard installation is also possible, although not officially supported. In this case, the plug at the top is hidden, so it can be installed beautifully.

Back of the main unit

Note: Due to its structure, the SD card is more difficult to remove than conventional models. If you need to change the SD card frequently, we recommend a different model. (For general use, there is no problem leaving the SD card in.)

Various Functions

Blind spots are reduced overwhelmingly compared to existing mirrors.

Normal interior mirrors only allow rearward vision through a narrow rear window. In many cases, the rear pillar area is a complete blind spot.

However, with "Mirror Cam," a camera installed in the rear of the car projects an image from a camera in the rear of the car, allowing for an overwhelmingly wide field of vision and a rearward view with few blind spots. On rainy days, the camera does not have to be obstructed by water droplets on the glass or windshield wipers, making it difficult to see. Also, unlike ordinary mirrors, large luggage and rear seat passengers in the cabin do not obstruct the view at all.

Reduce rear blind spots

There are inevitably blind spots in ordinary interior mirrors and through windows. Have you ever had the frightening experience of not being able to see a vehicle or motorcycle behind you when changing lanes or when suddenly being overtaken? The wide-angle rear camera image of the Mirror-Cam greatly reduces such blind spots and improves safety.

Ideal for vehicles like these

✔ Camping, overnight stays, business vehicles, etc., always loaded with luggage.
✔ Rearward visibility is difficult due to the small rear glass of sports cars, etc.
✔ Rear visibility is difficult because people often ride in the back of the car.
✔ Rear blind spots are large due to large rear pillars.

High-image quality driver's recorder with front and rear full HD + Sony sensor

Both front and rear cameras feature Full HD (1920x1080) resolution + Sony IMX307 sensor.
In addition to high resolution that can clearly record the license plate numbers of the vehicles in front and behind, the Sony sensors provide night vision performance that is brighter than the naked eye even at night.

Beware of fake specs on, etc.

Clearly records front and rear license plate numbers

"Mirror-Cam" is a high quality camera that uses Full HD (1920x1080) and Sony sensors for both the front and rear cameras. The quality of not only the front camera, but also the rear camera is carefully designed to capture the image quality of a car license plate number coming from the rear.

The Sony sensor makes the image brighter than the naked eye.

Both front and rear mirrors feature Sony IMX307 sensors for excellent night vision performance. Even on dark nighttime roads where ordinary rear view mirrors would only show pitch-darkness, the system projects a bright, easy-to-see image.

As in nighttime, the IMX307 rear view mirrors project a bright, clear image even in tunnels. Even in situations where there are extreme differences in brightness, such as at entrances and exits, the power of the Sony sensor reduces skips to a minimum.

Prevention of distracted driving

When you get behind the wheel of a car equipped with a mirror cam, you can clearly see your car's reflection on the screen. The large screen is especially noticeable at night because, unlike ordinary mirrors, it is self-illuminating.

For this reason, we have received many reports that "just by installing the Mirror Cam, the car behind you starts to take distance from you. In other words, while ordinary driverless car recorders can only record distracted driving, the Mirror Cam reduces dangerous "distracted driving" itself.

Easy operation with large touch screen

The digital mirror screen is a large 10.88-inch screen. Operation is easy with the touch panel. The display of the front and rear cameras can be switched with a single touch. Simultaneous display of front and rear images is also possible.

Recorded images can be played back on this screen. Compared to ordinary DR-Recorders, the screen is much larger and easier to see, and the sound can be played back as well.

Slide up and down to change the vertical angle of view

The screen can be easily changed by sliding it up and down* with a finger.

*Although the camera originally captures wide-angle images both vertically and horizontally, only the upper and lower portions of the image are displayed due to the horizontal screen shape. By sliding your finger up and down, you can see parts of the image that were hidden and not displayed. The display position is memorized and will be displayed at the same position the next time the camera is used.

Beautiful appearance with full mirror finish

All front surfaces, including the 10.88" LCD screen area, have a glass mirror finish. It has a beautiful and luxurious appearance.

The upper bezel is also mirrored, so by adjusting the angle, it is possible to check on children in the backseat through the mirror on the upper bezel while the rear camera image is being projected.

With the screen off, the mirror becomes a normal mirror.

A short press of the button below the unit turns off the display and the unit can be used as a normal interior mirror. In this state, the drive recorder continues to record. It is also possible to set the screen to automatically turn off after a certain period of time.

Convenient rearview camera function for parking

Includes a rearview camera function for convenient parking. The angle of view can be automatically turned downward when reversing and the parking guideline line can be lit (the vertical position can be changed at will by sliding up and down).

Rear-view cameras are now mandatory! Mirror-type drive recorder makes it easy to comply

*Wiring of the rear camera cable red wire (supplied as standard, 0.5 mm core diameter) to the 12V + pole of the backup light is required to use this function.
In rare cases, this function may not work properly in some vehicles due to unstable current at the 12V + pole of the backup light. Since it is difficult to confirm in advance or to deal with this problem on our side, please refrain from ordering this product if this function is essential.
Even if you do not use this function, you can slide your finger up and down on the screen to display the lower part of the image as desired.

Equipped with GPS to record the route traveled

Equipped with a GPS receiver as standard equipment. Location (latitude and longitude) and speed information is automatically recorded in the video. This allows the exact location of the accident site and the speed at the time of the accident to be determined. The time display is also automatically corrected by GPS, so it is always accurate.

Advantages of Adding GPS to a Driver's License Camera

Also, by using dedicated software on a PC (Windows/Mac), the driving route can be overlaid on the map application. Not only does this allow for a more accurate understanding of the accident situation, it can also be used as a record of driving memories.

In addition, GPS reception allows speed, direction, GPS-accurate time and date to be displayed on the screen. Display can be turned off by setting.

Shock Monitoring

The shock sensor enables monitoring even when the power is turned off while the camera is parked. If an impact is detected while the camera is parked, it automatically starts recording and automatically turns off after 10 seconds.

This function is performed using the MirrorCam2's built-in super capacitor power supply, but due to its low capacity, it can only make up to two impact monitoring recordings per parking spot (no built-in battery due to risk of ignition). (Battery is not built in due to risk of ignition). Pro Power Cable (sold separately), the car battery can be used for shock monitoring recording as many times as necessary until the protection voltage setting of the Pro Power Cable is reached.

Time-lapse constant monitoring (optional)

With the optional Pro Power Cable, up to 24 hours of continuous surveillance recording can be made when parking the car. The camera automatically continues recording with the front and rear cameras once per second (time lapse) even when the engine is turned off. The captured video can be played back as a fast-motion video-like movie.

Time-lapse continuous monitoring saves a significant amount of data and power consumption compared to normal recording by shooting only once per second, and enables continuous recording for long periods of time (with normal recording, the SD card fills up in 3-4 hours and is then overwritten). (In normal recording, the SD card fills up in 3-4 hours and is overwritten after that, so this kind of long-time continuous recording is not possible).

The MirrorCam2 screen does not light up during time-lapse continuous monitoring.

Compatible with LED signals throughout Japan

With ordinary video cameras and cheap driverless recorders, a fatal phenomenon occurs in western Japan areas where LED signal lights are not visible for a certain period of time*.

Our product avoids this problem by changing the shooting speed of the front camera to 27.5 fps (25 fps for the rear camera).

Although not visible to the naked eye, LED lights blink at double the speed of the electrical frequency, and since the electrical frequency of 60 Hz in western Japan is a multiple of the general video frame rate of 30 fps

High performance microSD card (32GB) included

A microSD card (class 10) is used as the video recording medium; a 32GB microSD card is included as a standard accessory so that you can start using the product immediately.

The attached SD card is a "Metorage" brand product manufactured by Spark Semiconductor Technology, which is not well known in Japan, but is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance designed for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders. It is an "industrial grade" SD card with high durability and heat resistance for use in particularly harsh environments such as drive recorders, etc., and has five times the write endurance of "consumer grade" products available in general stores.

Q. How long is the recording time?
A. The video file capacity varies depending on the contents, so this is only a rough estimate, but if you use the attached 32GB card, you can expect to use approximately 3-4 hours of video (when the front and rear cameras are in operation and recording in full HD; 1 minute of recording consumes approximately 90MB per camera). (When recording for one minute, each camera consumes approximately 90 MB).

Recordings are saved separately every minute as standard. When the capacity of the card is full, the oldest file is automatically overwritten, and the file at the time of the accident is automatically locked against overwriting by shock sensor detection. Therefore, in normal use, there is no need to be aware of the recording time, and it is no problem to leave a single SD card in the camera. If you need more capacity, you can leave the SD card in the camera. If you need more capacity, you can useIf you need more capacity, you can use a separate high-capacity card (supports up to 128 GB).and can be exchanged for a larger capacity card (up to 128GB).

Optional time-lapse continuous monitoring captures only one frame per second, allowing approximately 60 times longer recording time than normal recording. Time-lapse continuous monitoring files are also saved separately as a file for each minute of playback time.

Super easy to use

This convenient mirror cam is super easy to use.

The system starts automatically when the engine is started (i.e., the cigarette lighter socket power supply is turned on). Rearward images are displayed and recording starts.
Automatic shutdown when the engine is completely stopped (= cigar socket power OFF). The system stops recording without damaging the files being recorded. After shutdown, the mirror becomes an ordinary mirror.

In other words, in normal use, it can be used without doing anything.

Easy installation, even a beginner can use it in 30 minutes.

I know it's useful, but can I install it myself?"

Yes, "Mirror Cam 2" is very easy to install. Even if you are a complete beginner and have never even opened the hood! Even if you are a complete beginner and have never even opened the hood, you can install it in about 30 minutes*. The wiring tool is also included, so all you need is a screwdriver.

For rear camera installation inside the car. Installation outside the car or wiring for the rearview camera function requires additional tools and may take several hours or more.

Installation of a driver's license camera often costs 20,000 to 30,000 yen or more if you ask a contractor to do it for you.

We also encourage those who are willing to try installing it themselves to do so. We would also like this product to be used by those who are willing to try to install it themselves. It would be cool for an adult man to be able to install a driver's license camera by himself.

Please refer to the installation procedure below.

1. installation of the main unit

The first step is to install the main unit. As shown in the figure above, install the main unit over the existing indoor mirror. Fasten the unit by attaching it with the attached rubber band.

The MirrorCam hook to which the rubber band is attached has vertical flexibility, so even if the interior mirror is slightly larger vertically than the MirrorCam itself, the installation itself can be done without any problem.

Rear Camera Cable Wiring

Next, let's look at the wiring of the rear camera cable. Please see the video below. (1 min 43 sec)

As shown here, use your fingertips and an "inner lining remover" (the orange crowbar-like tool in the video. (This tool is included in the product.) Use your fingertips and the "interior peeler" (the orange crowbar-like tool in the video.) to embed and hide the rear camera cable in a gap in the interior.

Some car models may require the interior lining to be removed securely, but for the majority of cars, the wiring can be neatly done by simply embedding it in a crevice.

The rubber gasket on the door is an easy place to embed the cable, so using this area will make it easier to bring the cable neatly to the rear. Even if you don't remove the gasket, you can simply insert the cable into the edge of the gasket to hide it.

Once the cable is routed to the rear of the vehicle, all that remains is to connect the cable to the rear camera body and attach it to the rear glass with double-sided tape.

*However, it may take more time and effort to install the cable in a hatchback car, for example by running it through a bellows hose, if you want to make the installation more neat and tidy.

3. wiring the power cable

Next, let's look at the wiring of the cigar socket power cable. See the video below. (1 min 6 sec)

In many cars, there is a gap in the ceiling where the cable can be inserted and wired.

Continue to embed the cable in the rubber gasket of the door. If you can bring it to the lower part of the dashboard, you can then simply place it under the floor sheet or embed it appropriately in the lower dashboard parts and wire it to the cigar socket location.

The GPS receiver is simply attached to the top of the windshield near the mirror cam or in the same manner as the power cable, wired to the dashboard, and then attached with double-sided tape.

That completes the installation!
It's that easy!

Full version of the installation video (5 min 38 sec)

*Please note: We do not provide support for individual installation tasks.


(1) For some car models, it may be better to install the rear camera outside the car. Please refer to the following for details.

Is it better to install the rear camera inside or outside the car?

Two types of brackets for the rear camera are included, one for inside the car and one for outside the car. The rear camera is IPX7 waterproof.

2) It is also possible to obtain power from the fuse box instead of the car's cigarette lighter socket by using a commercially available adapter or the like. This can also be done by beginners with a knowledge of electricity equivalent to that of a junior high school student. Please refer to the following for details.

Connecting to the fuse box power supply

3)If you still cannot do the installation by yourself! If you are unable to do the installation yourself, you can request on-site installation by our affiliated installation service, Seibii.


4)If you are out of the scope of our on-site installation service or would like to find another company, you can find an installer from the following list.

How to find an installer

Product Specifications

Product name: Mirror Cam 2

Model Number: MRC-2022
Body size: 257mm (W) x 88mm (H), 125mm between left and right hooks, 75mm~100mm between upper and lower hooks (flexible and can be extended up and down), 347g
Front camera
1080p@27.5fps/Sony IMX307 sensor is included, Angle of view: D=124°/ H=102°/ V=53°
Rear Camera: D=124°/ H=102°/ V=53Built-in 1080p@25fps/Sony IMX307 sensor Angle of view: D=140°/ H=112°/ V=60°, Size: W=59mm, D=35mm, H=23mm, IPX7 waterproof
Screen: 10.88" IPS LCD 1920 x 480
Video Resolution: 1080p@27.5fps + 1080p@25fps after
Video Format: TS
Rated input of main unit: 5V/3A
Cigar socket power cable rated input: 12-24V, rated output: 5V/3A
Operating temperature: -25 to 75°C
Video recording medium: microSD card (Class 10, 32GB/Class 10 standard, max. 128GB) *Movies are not recorded on the mirror cam itself.
Shock detection file overwrite protection function
HDR/WDR on-board, loop recording function, simultaneous audio recording, automatic recording start by power input/automatic shutdown by power off, rear camera upside down
Warranty: 1 year for the product itself, 3 months for the rubber band, cable, bracket, and microSD card. The warranty does not cover scratches and scuffs on the main unit that do not cause any problems in use, or installation-related costs.
Country of manufacture: China
Manufactured and marketed by: NeoTokyo Co.

List of Contents

① Mirror Cam main unit (32GB microSD inserted)
② 7m rear camera cable
③ GPS receiver
④ Rear camera + Rear camera outside Bracket
⑤ Cigar socket power cable (with a merging wire for GPS) 12~24V, 3.5m
⑥ Front camera
⑦ Front camera cable (1m)
⑧ Rubber band (long)
⑨ Rubber band (short)
⑩ User manual URL guide + warranty card
⑪ Screen wiping cloth
⑫ Double-sided adhesive tape for front camera (spare)
⑬ inside Bracket *Please note that the bracket is packed in a separate bag from the camera.
⑭ Interior lining removal (2 types)

User manuals are available online. It is updated frequently based on feedback from our users and includes troubleshooting information, so please refer to it if you have any questions after installation. It can be viewed on both mobile phones and computers.

▼Back of the main unit

Back side of the main unit

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please understand.

Review Video

Popular Youtuber "Mikasu-Channel" did a review of this product!

Reviewed by popular Youtuber "Kurumania K"!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I install it in my car?
A. Yes, as long as your car has a 12/24V cigarette lighter socket and an interior mirror. However, there may be appearance issues such as existing mirrors sticking out from the rear due to size, so please make sure that the mirror of the car in which you plan to install the product is within the product size of 257 mm (W) x 88 mm (H) (even if it is larger than this, the existing mirror will stick out from the rear only a little. Please confirm that the size of the mirror does not exceed 257mm x 88mm high. We do not provide installation confirmation for individual car models, nor do we provide an answer as to whether or not installation is possible.

Q. My existing interior mirror is too large or too small.
A. No. The existing mirror can be installed simply by attaching the flexible upper and lower hooks to the existing mirror and attaching with an elastic band. However, it may be necessary to lengthen the rubber band by connecting two rubber bands, or to use a spacer such as rubber between the mirror and the body.

Q. I am not sure if a 7m rear camera cable is sufficient for my car.
A. Please refer to the "Easy Installation" section of this page and measure the expected wiring path by yourself. The installation method recommended on this page should be sufficient for a vehicle up to the size of a minivan. If you think it is not enough, please use the 10m/15m cable (sold separately).

Q. Can power be obtained from the fuse box?
A. Yes, you can use a commercially available adapter to obtain power from the fuse box instead of the car's cigarette lighter socket. Connection to fuse box power supply

Q. Will the product pass vehicle inspections?
A. Interior mirrors are not required for vehicle inspections, so there is no problem. Also, since installation is only by fastening with a rubber band, it is possible to remove it for vehicle inspection if you are really worried about it.

Q. Won't the reflection of outside light make it difficult to see?
A. If outside light is reflected, try turning the mirror slightly downward or upward. Unlike normal mirrors, the rear view does not change even if the angle is changed.

How to Reduce Screen Glare

If this is a concern, an anti-reflection sheet (sold separately) can be used.
The surface material of the MirrorCam 2 screen has been improved over previous models, making it much easier to see in daylight without the use of anti-reflective sheets.

Q. If the digital mirror malfunctions, won't it be impossible to drive?
A. With the power turned off, the mirror can be used as a mirror just like a normal mirror. Also, the mirror cam itself is only held in place by a rubber band, so it can be removed in 3 minutes. Please do not worry.

Q. Will there be any noise on my digital TV or car navigation system?
A. The design of the mirror cam has already taken measures against electromagnetic noise. Although we have taken measures quite firmly, we cannot guarantee that there will be absolutely no noise or interference. If you have any concerns, please refrain from purchasing this product. Even if noise is found, it can be resolved in most cases by changing the wiring or power supply acquisition path to be as far away from the target as possible.

Q. Will the rubber band for mounting deteriorate?
A. The rubber band should be considered a consumable item and we recommend replacing it after about one year. Additional bands can be ordered here as needed. The rubber band is made of silicon rubber, which is much more durable and less prone to breakage than ordinary rubber.

Q. Will the weight of the mirror cause it to fall?
A. Existing indoor mirrors are generally supported by round hinges, and if they become loose over time, the weight of the mirror may cause them to fall by itself. In this case, you can take countermeasures such as inserting something between the loose parts or using butyl rubber to harden the mirror. Since this is a digital mirror, the angle does not need to be adjusted as often as a normal mirror, and in extreme cases, once the angle is set, there is no problem even if the mirror is completely fixed.

Q. Is there a function for smoked glass for the rear camera?
A. No, there is no such mode, but it can be used with no problem if the glass is as black as thin privacy glass. Also, we have attached two types of brackets for the rear camera, one for inside and one for outside of the car, so you can install the rear camera outside of the car if necessary.

Q. Is it better to install the rear camera inside or outside the car?
A. Please refer to the following article.

Should the rear camera be inside or outside the car?

Q. I have presbyopia. Isn't it difficult to see the screen up close?
A. If it is difficult to see, it is possible to increase the distance by installing it on the dashboard, although some DIY work is required. In this case, the existing mirror can also be utilized to ensure a safer view.

Q. Can I use the rear camera and power cable from the MirrorCam MRC-2020 or MirrorCam Pro without modification?
Due to changes in the communication specifications and cable specifications of the rear camera, it cannot be used as is. Even if the connection appears to be successful at first glance, problems may occur due to insufficient capacity, etc. Also, since this product is the latest model, each cable and camera have undergone minor improvements (image quality, thermal countermeasures, electromagnetic noise countermeasures, moiré countermeasures, etc.). To get the full performance of MirrorCam 2, it is basically necessary to reinstall all the cables and cameras.

Q. Why is the image on the screen inverted?
A. Because it is a digital mirror, the image is displayed inverted, just like a mirror. However, the recording is made in the positive image, and when the recorded image is played back, it is displayed in the positive image.

Q. Why does the signal blink during video recording?
A. This is due to the fact that LED signals blink at high speeds that cannot be detected by the naked eye, and if the shooting speed is set to a non-blinking speed, the signal light will be completely lost for a certain period of time, which is a fatal problem. For this reason, basically all the DVRs manufactured for the domestic market in Japan are like this.

Why does the signal light blink in the dashcam video?

Q. Is there any error in GPS speed measurement?
A. In many cases, it is rather more accurate than an on-board speedometer. Please refer to the latter part of the article below.

Advantages of GPS in a DVR

Q. Is there any plan to sell a mirror replacement type instead of the rubber band type?
A. We do not have any plans at this time. (From the viewpoint of occupant protection, the safety standard stipulates that the mirror must be removed with appropriate force in the event of an accident. We are aware that there are many requests for this product. We are aware that there are many requests for this product, but since we cannot responsibly sell it, we do not plan to sell it for the time being. However, there are many DIY installers who are using a third party's general-purpose stay like the one shown in the photo below.

Q. Are there any driver assistance functions such as ADAS or LDWS?
A. No. These functions are simply software analysis of the camera images, and are often inaccurate and cause problems. There are many other companies that offer these functions, but the manufacturers themselves know that they are incomplete, and they add them to their products to make them easier to sell.
Specialized products, rather than driverless recorders, use specialized chips and sensors to process the data in a hardware manner, and thus have higher accuracy, but such specialized chips and sensors are naturally more expensive and cannot be offered at the current price. For these reasons, we have not added the ADAS/LDWS function.

Q. Are there any plans to adopt 2k/4k resolution?
A. Currently, only the front side of the camera is available in 2k/4k resolution. There are very few rear side 2k/4k resolution systems (because CPUs cannot handle it), and in any case, there are currently no screens for digital mirrors that can display 2k/4k (which require more advanced thermal countermeasures than those for smartphones), so it is not very useful for our digital mirror type products. Therefore, it does not make much sense for this product to be a digital mirror type. The advantage is limited to those who have a computer that can display 2k/4k, and it is meaningless for most people.
In addition, 4k requires four times the data capacity of full HD, so the SD card fills up quickly, the system is prone to instability due to the need for high-speed data writing, and the cost of parts rises, so the price soars considerably.
However, we are of course continuing our research and development and may adopt the above specifications in new products at an appropriate time.

Q. Do you have any plans to adopt a 360-degree camera?
A. A 360-degree camera may seem ideal at first glance, but in reality it has a major drawback: its resolution per unit area is low. In other words, a resolution of about 1440-1920 dots is enough to record the entire front, rear, left, and right, so it is not possible to clearly capture the most important car numbers in the front and rear. In addition, when a single camera is used to capture 360-degree images, there are always blind spots that cannot be captured properly because something is in the way. Furthermore, good 360-degree cameras are still expensive, and the aforementioned shortcomings remain.
However, we are of course continuing our research and development and may adopt the above specifications in new products at the appropriate time.

Q. Do you have any plans to release a 3- or 4-camera type?
A three-camera type is being marketed in the upper-end product line Mirror Cam Pro (now discontinued). Research and development is ongoing, and new products may be released at an appropriate time.

Q. Is there a Wifi function?
A. No, it does not. To begin with, it is not necessary for most people, as they can immediately see the image on the screen with a larger image than on a smartphone. Also, to add Wifi, a technical certification is required in addition to the Wifi module, which increases the price by a few thousand yen. For these reasons, we have not added it.

Q. Can't the rear camera be wireless? It is very difficult to install a wired cable.
A. Unlike watching video on a cell phone, a digital mirror does not allow for delays, so real-time full HD video transmission with no delays is a very burdensome process with wireless technology. Although not technically impossible, the cost of that part alone would easily triple the price. (If the camera is battery-powered, it will only last for a few hours even if a battery equivalent to that of a notebook PC is used, due to the extremely high-load processing.) The method described in this page is not so difficult to install cables, and the cost of hiring an installation company is much lower than the cost of wireless installation.

Q. Is there a voice control function?
A. No, it does not. As you will see when you actually use the product, there is no need to operate it while driving. Recording starts automatically, and if an impact is detected, overwrite protection is automatically activated. Also, switching the camera display while driving is very dangerous and should not be done. Of course, we have been studying this issue, and voice operation is certainly a good demo, but it is of little use to the actual user and would be a wasteful increase in cost, so we are not using it at this time.

Q. What should I do in case of initial failure or malfunction?
A. Please contact the support desk listed at the end of the manual. Our staff in Japan will be happy to assist you. Our service center for repair and replacement is also located in Japan.
If the product is determined to be defective in the initial stage, we will basically replace it. If the product is still under warranty, we will send you a replacement product free of charge. After confirming that the product is working properly, please send the defective product back to us using the enclosed return freight collect slip and the packing materials used when you received the product. Replacement can be made only for necessary parts. This minimizes the hassles associated with return shipping, so please rest assured. Please note, however, that we will communicate with you by e-mail to confirm that the item is defective before sending the replacement.
Installation-related costs are not covered by the warranty.

Are mirror-type drive recorders fragile?

Q. If it malfunctions after the warranty period, can it be repaired?
A. First, please contact the support desk listed at the end of the manual. After confirming the situation, we will propose to replace the failed part for a fee. As explained on this page, this product is designed to be easily installed by yourself and the parts can be easily replaced. For authorized purchasers, we will continue to sell parts of the product after the one-year warranty expires, and the product structure and support system allow for long-term maintenance by yourself.

About Reservations

Since our products are manufactured overseas, they must be transported internationally, and there are many problems over which we have no control, such as weather conditions and customs inspections. In addition, due to the recent shortage of semiconductors and corona, we are unable to predict the exact date of arrival of our products.

Please refrain from making individual inquiries or requests regarding shipping dates. An email with tracking information will be automatically sent upon shipment.

If you do not want your order to arrive on time, please do not place an order by reservation. We will be happy to cancel your order if necessary.

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