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Pro Power Cable V3 with built-in GPS for MirrorCam 2/SE/Pro [Free Shipping]

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Reservations have been closed. Sales will resume after the official arrival of the product at the end of October.
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New Design] This is a constant power cable for MirrorCam 2/SE/Pro.
When using time-lapse monitoring, please connect this cable instead of the cigar socket power cable.

Old VersionDifferences from

  1. The distance between the console and the main unit is 0.9 m →.1.5mThe distance between the console and the main unit has been extended from 0.9m to 1.5m, making it easier to place the console on the dashboard.
  2. On the consoleBuilt-in GPSGPS is built into the console. Allows for a cleaner installation.
  3. In addition to 12V vehicles24Vcars as well as 12V cars.

Product Overview

  • Length: 2.5m between fuse and console + 1.5m between console and main unit
  • Input 12V/24V mini flat 15A fuse, output 5V/3.0A/mini USB plug
  • Equipped with a battery drain prevention mechanism. When the battery voltage exceeds the set value (11.8V/12.2V/12.4V or 23.8V/24V/24.4V), the power supply is forcibly cut off at that point (automatically restored when the engine is restarted).
  • Built-in GPS


YellowConnect to the power supply fuse at all times (obtain power supply positive pole)
Red.Connect to ACC fuse (ACC on/off detection)
Black: Connected to ACC fuse (detects ACC on/off): Connected to car ground (power supply minus pole acquisition)
Mini USB plugConnect to mirror cam main unit

The above information is based on the design stage and may be slightly changed in the production version. Please understand that the above are at the design stage and may be slightly changed in the production version.
*Some models may require a different fuse (mini flat type fuses can usually be used with low-profile fuse sockets without modification).

Before InstallationFuse box power connection Please read carefully the following section to understand the general flow of fuse box connections.


*Warranty period: 1 year (installation-related costs are not covered by the warranty)
*We do not provide support for individual installation work.
*Although this product has an anti-battery discharge mechanism, we do not guarantee that the battery will never run out of power. Please note that we cannot provide compensation in the unlikely event of a dead battery.

About Reservations

Because our products are manufactured overseas, they must be shipped internationally, and there are many problems over which we have no control, such as weather conditions and customs inspections. In addition, there are recent problems related to Corona and the global shortage of semiconductors.We are unable to accurately predict the date of arrival of our products.
Please refrain from making individual inquiries or requests regarding shipping dates. An email with tracking information will be automatically sent upon shipment.
If you do not want your order to arrive on time, please do not place an order by reservation. We will be happy to cancel your order if necessary.