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Pro Power Cable Ver.2 for MirrorCam 2/SE/Pro

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This is a constant power cable for MirrorCam 2/SE/Pro.
When using time-lapse monitoring, connect this cable instead of the cigar socket power cable.

  • Length: 2.4m between fuse and console + 0.9m between console and main unit
  • Input 12V/1.5A/mini flat 15A fuse, output 5V/3.0A/mini USB plug
  • Equipped with a battery drain prevention mechanism. When the battery voltage falls below the set value (3-step switching: 12.4V/12.0V/11.8V), the power supply is forcibly cut off at that point. (The power supply is automatically restored when the engine is restarted.)
  • Integrated merging line for GPS

Not available for 24V vehicles.
Fuse may need to be replaced depending on car model.

Before installation, please read Fuse Box Power Connection carefully to understand the general flow of fuse box connections.

Yellow: connected to constant power fuse
Red: connected to ACC fuse
Black: Connected to car ground (minus pole)

Mini USB plug: Connects to the mirror cam unit
GPS connection socket: Connect GPS cable


  • Be sure to connect all yellow, red, and black wires. All three wires must be connected for proper operation.
  • The fuse included as standard is a 15A mini flat type. If the shape or amperage of the fuse is different from that of the original fuse to be connected, it must be replaced with an appropriate fuse power cable.
  • Mini flat fuses will usually fit into low-profile fuse sockets without modification. If the fuse box lid closes properly and there is no wobble, there should be no problem using the fuse as it is.
  • The wires in the standard fuse are connected to the end of the fuse as shown in the figure below.
  • If the wires are not long enough, use commercially available lead wires to extend the yellow, red, and black 12V wires. (Extending the wires on the mirror cam main unit side with commercially available USB cables, etc., may cause the voltage protection mechanism to malfunction.)
  • Since the Pro Power Cable is equipped with an overcurrent protection mechanism, there is no need to attach a separate fuse to the Pro Power Cable side for protection (even if it is attached, there is no problem).

Buttons on the operation console

Long press: Power on/off; LED turns off when turned off. If the car will not be used for a long period of time, use this button to turn off the power from the source. Do not use this button during normal use, and use the car's ACC on/off to turn on/off the mirror cam.
Short press: You can change the voltage protection value of H(12.4V)/M(12.0V)/L(11.8V). If the car battery voltage drops below the set value, the power supply will be forcibly cut off

LED indicators on the operation console

  • When driving (ACC on): Lights up
  • When turned off by engine (ACC) OFF: Slowly blinks
  • When power is turned off from the source by pressing and holding a button on the console: Lights completely off
  • When the power is forcibly cut off by the battery protection mechanism: Lights completely off

Warranty period: 1 year (installation-related costs are not covered by the warranty)
We do not provide support for individual installation work.
*This product can also be used with MirrorCam Pro (MRC-PRO1/G), which has an integrated two-way branch with GPS for enhanced durability.
Although this product has an anti-battery protection mechanism, it does not guarantee that the battery will never run out of power. Please note that we cannot provide compensation in the unlikely event of a dead battery.